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About Me

Most people call me a dork, because I'm remarkably silly and clumsy. I simply respond to them, "Thanks!" Because when someone calls you weird, a nerd, a dork, or anything that you think puts you down, don't feel sad. It just means that you're being yourself, and you should be proud of that.
I am a naturally shy person, as all of my friends can tell you, but I can also be very kind, caring, and trustful. I don't lie...a lot. I love to talk to my friends, and just hang out. My life is so chaotic that I just need some place to relax. I am a huge fan of anime and manga, and also twilight. Yeah, I'm a dork but on top of that I'm a dork who loves twilight. :D Anyways, I tend to be random and talk using my regular level of vocabulary when I start talking about myself, so I usually don't.
When someone asks me How I'm Doing, and I really don't want them to know I simply tell them that I'm too lazy to talk about myself. So don't push me if I don't want to tell you how I'm doing. I have my bad days like everyone, and I may be acting grouchy so just tell me. I wont bite...I think. I hate it when people write a whole message in text speak or act plain out dumb. I mean, its ok for you to use text speak just not a whole bunch. I love proper grammar, and when it's not used a lot it annoys me.
I'm a writer, I love writing. So I usually go out of hand writing and just writing a whole bunch, sorry about that. Anyways, if you've read this whole passage, thanks! It annoys me when people ask me questions that can be easily answered by reading this.