Md. Ziaul Haque

Md. Ziaul Haque


You aren’t a poet if you aren’t emotional

Sylhet, Bangladesh
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About Me

Md. Ziaul Haque is originally from Zakiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is a poet, epic writer, writer, academic, thinker, songwriter, short story writer, reviewer, columnist, essayist, researcher and scholar. He earned his B.A [Hon’s] and Master’s degrees in English language and literature from Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet. His pen name is 'শব্দরাজ' [transliteration- 'shobdoraj'] in Bangla and its translation is 'King of Words' in English.

He invented some words and terms: "Poetenry" [poems of ten lines], "Kurine" [poems of twenty lines], "Distant-author" [a writer who is currently a citizen of another country but writes about his motherland and its people, culture etc.], "Prosaic-ideas" [ideas in brain appear in prosaic forms, they do not normally follow any metrical composition], "Translation of Objects" [in literary works, objects can also be translated and mistranslated since they are considered as equivalents to something else], "Post-postmodern Age" [the proposed name of the era after Post-modernism as the writer mentioned in a newspaper article], "Intentional Delay of Vision" [not seeing or avoiding the reality intentionally], "Jealouty" [jealousy + beauty]- [a feeling of being jealous of another person's beauty or handsomeness; in Bangla, পরশ্রীকাতরতা], "Inextrovert" [introvert + extrovert]- [a person who is normally quiet or shy and feels uneasy to talk to other people but sometimes becomes friendly and likes the company of others], "Kidultnap" [kid + adult + nap]- [the action of taking away both kids and adults by force to detain them as prisoners and demand money from their family members for returning them], "Foolligent" [fool + intelligent]- [a person who behaves foolishly sometimes but acts intelligently in certain circumstances]; defined the word "Simplex" in a new way- [Simple + Complex = Simplex]- [A problem or something else that seems simple but is complex actually], "A Writer’s Religious Partiality" [A writer’s religious partiality becomes clear when he chooses the names of the characters for most of his stories, novels etc. from his own religion]. He even posted a status on Facebook on Aug 30, 2012 about the introduction of a 'Sympathise' button. The status was- "I find it really strange or weird especially when someone clicks the 'Like' option even when his friend faced an accident. How can we 'like' this phenomenon when the concerned person is not happy? I think my Facebook friends must agree with me on this note. According to me, Mark Zuckerberg should think seriously about this and add another option just beside the 'Like' button. I suggest that "Sympathise" can be the most suitable option." Besides, several of his scholarly articles made their presence felt in the international journals. He also worked as a Peer Reviewer for certain reputed international journals. The well-known French website added his name to the list of the famous people in the world. Moreover, the website considered him as one of the famous persons from Sylhet, Bangladesh and added his name to the list of 'Bengali writers'.

His favourite pastime activities include- playing chess, badminton, cricket and football, listening to good music, angling and occasional theatre directing. In addition, he likes to keep in touch with the friends and readers on the various social networking sites. One of the most prominent features that his writings possess is- 'creativity'. It is worth mentioning that he is a dreamer and optimistic by nature. At present, he teaches at Sylhet International University, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He can be reached at:

E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page:
Md. Ziaul Haque's Grammar School: https: //

List of his books:


1. Advanced Reading and Writing, The Easy Way [2011]

2. Advanced Reading and Writing: History, Developments, Concepts and Techniques [2014]


1. Give Me a Sky to Fly [2014]

2. Fragrance of Love [2014]

3. Hazrat Shah Jalal (R.A): Ekti Mohakabbo [Hazrat Shah Jalal (R.A): An Epic] [2015]


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Posted 9 Years Ago

thnx Ziaul...... btw, one thing to ask, r ur invented words accepted? I mean, can we use them in writings? I found them really interesting... :)

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Thanks for the friendship