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About Me

I'm Carina.

Reading is my passion (though it turned into my addiction).

While I write to express (as advised by my counselor), I mostly write for my own fun and entertainment. I play with words, experiment with forms, exploit the genres and mix my subjects.

In my works, there's no doubt that there would be grammar mistakes, errors or misspelt words. Please excuse those for the English language is not my mothertongue.

To those who have time, have fun reading (or understanding) my works... :)


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Plant your Roots firmly in a Landscape of Love. Share your Heart and Grow into your Soul. Embrace all you do with Confidence and Know that the Source of Happiness is within you. Life is a Dance of Spiritual Imagination where anything is Possible. Living is Extraordinary when we Awaken to an Inspired Destiny. Live your Dreams by Dreaming a Life that Celebrates the Beauty of Who You Are.

Micheal Teal

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Posted 12 Years Ago

Thank you so much Carina, it really means a lot!