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phoenix, AZ
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About Me

hey there im Alex :) im sixteen and a new writer as of this past year.
Everything to know about me and more by zahannah
The Basics
name: Alex
Age: 16
B-day: 7/20/94
Hair color: brown/maroonish
Eye color: changes
Height: 5'5"
Shoe size: 8 v.v
Current mood: lonely
Any siblings: four DX
Any pets: one
Any Tattoos: nope
Any pirrcings: no
Occupation: nothing yet.
What are you listening to: sving abel~addicted
What do you curently smell like: the air
Your Favorite...
Place to be: the mall
Place to visit: zumiez
Place ot chill: friends place
Drink: water
Alcoholic Drink: dont drink
Shampoo & Conditioner: genaric
Color: depends on my mood
Season: winter
Perfume/Cologne: addidas
Video Game: halo reach
T.V Show: heroes
Smell(s): ???
Book(s): ummmmm
Car: 2010 chevy silverado
Day of the week: friday
Number: 7
Time of day: dont have oone
Song at the moment: changes with my mood
Clothing Store: vans
Time You Cried: i was seven
Movie you watched: kick-a*s
Time you read a book: last year
Time you met someone new: every day
T.V show you watched: fantasy factory
Time you took a shower: this morning
Thing you ate: french toast
Do you....
Store thinngs under your bed: yea
Daydream: all the time
Own a cell phone: yup
Do Drugs: NO
Drink Alcohol: NU UH
Dance: cant :P
Sing: nope
Party: Who doesnt?
Get Along With your parents: my mom
Think Your Acctractive: duh
Swear: another duh
Smoke: NO!
Get Motion Sickness: nopers
Where Contacts/Glasses: never
Have You Ever...
Ram Away From Home: no
Lied To Someone: yes
Been Lied To: yes
Kissed Someone: hehehe yes XD
Been On A Date: yupp
Been To A Pary: mhm :)
Been In Love: unfortunatly :/
All Time Favorite Artist: Muse
All Time favorite Song: pictures of you
All Time Favorite Raido Station: 101.5
Your Favorite Band(s): all american rejects
New Favorite Singer: dunno
In a Boy/Girl
Hair Color: brunette
Eye Color: doesnt matter
Hight: shorter than me
Style: just them
Boy/Girl: girl
Skin Color: doesnt matter :)
Do They Have To Want Kids or No: no
Do You Want Kids: someday
Are you Crushing On Someone: always
If So Whats There Name: cant tells
What Are You Thinking Rite Now: im hungry
What Song Makes You Cry And Why: i dnt cry
What Do You Do When your Bored: think about things
Do You Like Michael Jackson: his music yes
If So Why: there classic
And Whats Your Favorite Michael Song: beat it
What Song Fits You: idk. ask my friends
Do You Believe In....
God: yes
Religions: christian
Aliens: duh!
Ghosts: no
Vampires: yes
Witches: nio
Angels: yes
Magic: yes
Zombies: yea
Yourself: sometimes
Giving Up: hell no
This Or That
Justin Bieber or Zac Efron: Zac.
Michael Jackson Or Elvis: elvis
Ashlee Simpson Or Ashlee Tisdale: tisdale
Twilight or This Is It: twilight
A Walk To Remember Or Note Book: note book
Black Or White: black
Love Or Hate: love
Family Or The One You Love: the one i love
Panic At The Disco Or Pearl Jam: pearl jam
The BETs Or Teen Chice Awards: teen choice
On The First Date
There House Or Ur House: there house
Movie Or Party: movie
Single Date Or Group: both :)
Talk Or Makeout: makeout
Meet The Family Now Or Later: later
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