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About Me

Since 8th grade, I've been writing and I honestly can say I've improved. My deviant art account is normally where I'm stationed, and I use it frequently. I also have a account, and I'm not as fast updating there because of my uncontrollible problem to procrastinate/lack of ideas.
I love the 80's. 80's movies, 80's music...I'm kind of nerdy about it. Then again, I'm pretty nerdy about a lot of things. I'm a nerd, I'm a dork, I'm weird, but I'm okay with that.
I'm a female. Though I act like a guy sometimes. I'm kind of tomboyish. I also am amused at the randomest things.
As of right now I can honestly say I don't know who I am. Do we really ever know? But nonetheless, I'm going to be real on here. Feel free to comment, question, whatever.

any pics I use for my writing aren't mine unless otherwise stated, if you want to know where I found it I'll give you the link. all are in my favorites on deviantart.

fanficssss ~>

I also started blogging. here's my wordpress:

Ooh! And my best friend Savanna and I are writing a very long, basically a chapter-styled start-a-story. You can find it at our livejournal account here ~~~~~~>>>>>


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Posted 13 Years Ago