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Baltimore, MD
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About Me

I listen to any and every genre of music. My favorite films were made 30-40 years ago. My favorite being Martin scorcese''s tact driver. And my favorite authors are Orwell, bukowski, John Fante, Allen Ginsburg, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Hunter S Thompson, and jack Kaeurac. Few more but, these are my inspirations. The deveints. The ones who said f**k your grammar and structure rules. I can right a book without your bullshit degree and you can only critique which in the long run does nothing. Foolish college professors. I mastered grammar before I was 12 years old thanks to my father who majored in British lit. And over the year I've discovered that's all just a bunch of bull s**t for people who don't know down to speak English. If you have an imagination, efficient writing and vocabulary skills that have the capability of making your point out of a story you have what it takes. I'm not talking Stephen hawking or jrr Tolkien. Don't get me wrong their genius. But what kind of writing is that? Fantasy world a bunch a made up bull s**t those lonely people put down on paper because they wanted to create a story. I want to create an experience. I want you to feel mine pain, feel the authors pain, guilt, sorrow, happiness, and struggle. So f**k you jk rolling. You sold out and your screenwrites were mediocre, bet you loved that pay check though. I won't doubt your intelligence but I will say your not an artist, your a god damn sell out who doesn't know how to write anything bud children novels. Hemingway now that man used his talents to make masterpieces not monster cheese.