Collaboration Wannabies  December 15, 2009 - December 31, 2009

Reading and Deliberating


This is a three part Contest:
Part1: Submit something you have written to the group site

Part 2. Shop around from the other group members. Read some work to see who you may want to collab with.

Part 3. Select a possible partner. If they are already working with someone else, we can match you up with another. Now, you will both collab on a NEW piece and submit that piece into the contest.

(The new collab piece is the one we will be judging on, not your currently posted work. That is only for other group members to see what your writing style is like. Collab with the unlikely one and the result will be amazing.)


$o.oo, No dinero, but better..The Minister of Propoganda will himself give you a free rewrite of one of your poems.


King/Queen of Collaboration King/Queen of Collaboration
Prince/Princess of Collaboration Prince/Princess of Collaboration



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Created Dec 15, 2009

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  • Only Existential Driftwood Members can Submit
  • All types of Writing can be Submitted
  • All Genres of Writing can be Submitted
  • Each Contestant May Submit 1 Piece of Writing
  • Writing may be submitted 12/15/2009 - 12/31/2009
  • Winners will be decided by User Votes


cest la vie is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact cest la vie if you have any further questions.

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