Fond Memories  November 13, 2007 - November 19, 2007

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You are my sunshine my only sunshine - Words for Daddy
you make me happy when skies are grey - [writing deleted]
you'll never know, dear - Feathers of Darkness & Light
how much I love you - [writing deleted]
please don't take my sunshine away - The Sunshine Island in My Mind


I decided to switch it up a little. This time I want poems about fond memories that you have.

It is getting to the Holiday season and I am constantly remembering all of the good timesI had around the holiday (such as spending Christmas at Grandma's house and things like that). Now this isn't a contest for only holiday poetry, but if you've got it send it in!!

Sometimes we all need to remember to focus on the good things in our lives, not just the bad. A journey of healing is often a painful one, but if you just focus on the negative that is not much motivation to keep going. Everyone needs a little bit of happy in their day.

So for this contest focus on the happiness around you, let the sun shine in!!

As with all of our contests the winner gets featured for a week, if they want to be!


Featured for a week!!



Created Nov 13, 2007