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Give me a Super Hero Contest  May 27, 2009 - July 1, 2009

Contest Completed


Best Hero - One super hero coming up...
Second Best Hero - Ch. 10. Thank you Superman
Third Best Heor - [writing deleted]
Fourth Best Hero - Urgent Call As Reported By Sgt. Blake Stone


I am currently writing a story and I would like for you people to give me a descripition of a Super Hero. Give me his strengths, weaknesses, fighting styles and how he came to be. You can also put in his troubles. Make it descriptive. Give it a name, you can even name it after yourself. However be quick it end soon. However it there are not enough people in this, I will keep doing it again and again.


$0.00, A Thank You


Steven Goodykoontz
Steven Goodykoontz
Gas City, IN


4 Contestants
4 Submissions
Created May 27, 2009