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First Sunday - [writing deleted]
First Sunday - The Perfume
First Sunday - A Captains Introduction
First Sunday - The Grim Reaper's Kids
First Sunday - On the Way


I have a blog: JackVAuthor.net, and I want to draw in some new crowds. I'm interested in reviewing, showcasing, highlighting new talent Sunday afternoons. Since I began writing here, I figured I'd grab new talent here. Direct me to your page with Title of work and I'll review it. In my off time, I'll be looking through the "writer's to watch list" for unknown talent.
No cash prize available. I want the first paragraph (the hook) of your story, chapter, poem, written piece. I'll give a brief review and redirect with a link to your webpage.
Reviews and posts will go on the site every Sunday at 2 pm, I'll begin with 5 each day and if it's a hit, I'll increase the number of mentions per Sunday.


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