Nothing Is What It Seems  May 8, 2007 - May 17, 2007

Contest Completed


Blood Stuffed Bear - [writing deleted]
Body Parts In Grandmother - [writing deleted]
Running With Scissors - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention....with a creepy and hidden intent... - [writing deleted]


A story that starts out happy and pleasant (a bit o sadness is allowed), but not too obvious in it's happiness, but ends in a most gruesome and horrible way. Death by gun, knife, of blunt object is allowed...unless the blunt object, is a concivabley usable item in a killing, (meaning that a computer mouse or stuffed teddy bear will NOT work, but something like a frying pan, computer TOWER , or a WOODEN teddy bear might work.) Enjoy people.


Glory, Fame, get on the featureed list at the group page, and published in the Box 2


Victoria Magana
Victoria Magana
Everett, WA


Created May 8, 2007