FOUR: Reading Is Important

FOUR: Reading Is Important

A Lesson by Carrie Ann Golden

Reading is a very important part of any writer's growth.


One of the best ways to learn about the writing craft is to read.

Read in the forms and/or genres you intend to write.

You’ll get a better feel as to what and how the finished products might look like.

By reading, you might find an author whose work you’d like to emulate.

Also, through reading, seeds of ideas tend to be planted that might produce new characters and adventures to call your own.


Your Assignment:


Make a list of at least three books you’d like to read (or reread).  If you enjoy audiobooks, include them as well!

They can be either fiction or nonfiction (or both).

Why did you select these particular books?

Was it because you enjoy these types of stories or was it written by one of your favorite author?

Have you read these before?

If yes, how many times have you read them? Why read them more than once? What keeps you returning to the books?



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