Creating a good faction

Creating a good faction

A Lesson by Nicholas Woode-Smith

The basics of creating your protagonists faction


The most basic and very first faction you should think about should be the 'team' of your main character or the faction which he/she mostly aligns them self with. These factions are typically the 'good guys' but don't necessarily need to be good intentioned or even well-liked. For example, in the Wheel of Time series, the Aes Sedai are typically seen as the good guys but they are also generally hated and styled as deceiving. This is true in many instances.

A faction perfect in morals is a boring faction. It needs to have elements which make it flawed, but still likeable. Knighthoods are good examples in fantasy, as they are seen typically as good guys, but also carry negative traits, such as violence and maybe racism. 

The following steps should be followed when creating your faction, you can write them down as notes or just work it out in your head:

1) Idea - what type of good faction do you want? What is their relation to the protagonist? What is their importance to the story?

2) Traits - what are they like? Do they serve a Greater Good or religion? What are their flaws? 

3) Creation - name your faction. If you already have a geography for your world, place them in one of the locations.

4) Design - form a style for your faction. What do they dress in? What do they use to fight? How do they act? Fine tune them till they are original and unique.

With this, and you own imagination, you should be on your way to creating a Good Faction.

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