First take a list of Character

First take a list of Character

A Lesson by StephensonC

In this story REALM of DREAMS {These are name in this play} Example : ///1st Main Character JACK - Spell - Very tall maybe wearing stilts-{JACK} also from a city to go to a fantasy realm can be a comic for the audience as many deep voice you can go. {SPELL} same character but when a wizard after being lost in the wizard world. {{{{NARRATOR at begin can be a crazy statue that looks like {JACK; SPELL} }}} {Son of King JACK) how is always in inform as a royalty with badges and a snotty personality.... Five Guards with five costume depending the fantasy you want to base at. etc. etc. etc.


In this story REALM of DREAMS

 {These are name in this play}

Example : ///1st Main Character

JACK - Spell - Very tall maybe wearing stilts-{JACK} also from a city to go to a fantasy realm can be a comic for the audience as many
deep voice you can go.

{SPELL} same character but when a wizard after being lost in the wizard world.

{{{{NARRATOR at begin can be a crazy statue that looks like {JACK; SPELL}  }}}

{Son of King JACK) how is always in inform as a royalty with badges and a snotty personality.... 

Five Guards with five costume depending the fantasy you want to base at.

PARENT's of King JACK Narrator's. 

{KING and Queen} Whom at this time are asleep and will not wake up.

{The old man} A real genius a scientist of the old in the realm they belong.

JACK the 2nd PART MAN - JACK - KING JACK- The want that always takes care of everyone during there dream so who was king.

We'll he wears gold medals big and strong can be not real but strong to the view of the audience.

Wearing for Allusion. Rome clothing.

{THE WITCH } is with black skin maybe burnt a little for makeup.

The comedy relief.

5 priest wearing robes.

A not real crow with a line to dive down through to the stage up there make look like cave. long stick not real crow or such is fun to make.


pirates dressed up.

{Captain of the ship}

pirate dressed up but in form of writing on story line.
For Allusion.

And almost finally a {dragon} and {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{not real fire}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Trap door purhap of burning jack. {REAL BUT NOT REAL TO NOT HURT ANYONE} NOT REAL}

Dressed up in 1800's

Also dressed in 1800's fashion.

Also dressed in 1800's fashion.


This is lesson that follow making your own stage viewing KNOW YOUR SETTINGS AND YOUR OFF TO WRITE YOUR STAGE PLAY FIRST.



Written by Christopher Stephenson

{ Screen Play & Stage play }

{ of }

{ The Realm of Dreams }

{ Act 1 Scene 1 }

[ Prologue , The Mirror……….]


Narrator’ being to say’:

"In a castle, in a place if you was there, you could of thought it was heaven a world of Men, and elves, and a paramount of Fantasy a lot of other things. Like A half man half unicorn. Half pixie, and half fairy. And even a statue that moves that lives in another dwelling. A fortune of riches to be won but only at the cost of labor, or well mind behavior. And of course, Magic…………………………………………………………………..

A place where being human is living forever. Living with spells to cast to bright your behavior.

And with thought anything is abnormal must be looked at in studying manner for it is dark magic close to the other. But there are times when Magic is wrong and must be stopped. If at the cost of complete aggravation. When a, dark entity, of the Dark.  Stands and is half good magic, and half dark."

Scene 2 Act 1

{ Starts in A stage; of Throne room of turning stage, With a half squared wall, and a throne of a chair. A2 Stage which as he walks to the mirror from behind as if you are walking with him. Going to the left toward the audience. "Let us go." Said by King Jack. }

‘The Narrator switches to JACK THE KING’: 
"In a realm. Of a fantasy Kingdom. When I was sleeping fast asleep I could see. Them taken me to set on the throne. With gladness, and happiness. And the minute I became king. It didn't matter if I had the time for myself. But it was the first thing they did for me. And the crown was on my head it's then I hope to cry, and then something stopped me from doing such thing. My son came in and as I welcomed him. I notice a pretty woman with him. But something was wrong he was not happy but why? I wasn't very sure but he could not find his mother as he said,"

{ ENTERs }

{ Son of KING JACK saying }

"Father, where is mother?"

He looked at me sitting there. Telling one of the guard with armored suit.

{Says Son of King Jack}

" Why is he sitting there in grandpa's throne. And, get him off of the chair. Or tell me what is going on. Now?"

"They think they're dead." 
{ENTER’s Five Guards; Quartermaster’s to King}
A { guard } comes very quickly and stand in a stance where armor for battle. { Saying }," There asleep and they will not wake up. I think they're in the realm of dream's."

(Says King Jack)
"Everyone forward to the dream portal we must move quickly before we all fall asleep."
Said I. Sitting on the throne.

(Son of King Jack)

"Thank you oh father for you did not die."

{SON of KING JACK and all the other stay behind; SAYS KING JACK)

And, son I sat here because I thought he was dead. Let us go."

{NARRATOR switches to Parents of King Jack; As King JACK walks from throne to his right to A2 Stage;Then puts his hand on the mirror: Mirror slides down very quick like and fog machine has fog coming through the mirror after he put hand on it and then {{act}} as if the mirror is still there; with a mirror one feet behind The point of the front of flat line of the mirror }

We all depart, and go into the other room of the grand room from behind where we usually do not go. And grand mirror behind the throne. Stand with a Gold mirror from behind. He places his hand to the mirror, and changes into a fog. And he steps halfway in he begins to dream. His family and the kingdom must have quietly gone in. For when the king and Queen woke up they were gone. They looked each other. And began to ran for the portal to the realm of the dream to find the ones the care for.

{{(A triangle wall is behind the wall of the mirror That is a mirror to the left of the audience; The PARENTS’ of King JACK run up to the end of the Triangle sided mirror, Then turn and walk off backstage and walk to the other side back stage to trap door by Stage A lay on bed as they still narrator Two guards walk up to PARENTS lay on bed )}}

(Mirror Slides back up after The first King says "What was we doing in there. That was close. But, who put us there?"{{{{{ NARRATOR SWITCHES TO ONLY QUEEN}}}}})

They both pressed their hand on the gold mirror. And it turn into fog. And they fell. And Portal went to a mirror.

{Mirror Slides back down PARENTS of KING JACK PUT the hand to mirror from left and right side of the inside mirror; Fog coming out of The flat line; BACK mirror slides down; Then THE PARENTS FALL THROUGH the fog EXITS PARENTS off stage through trap door behind flat line on mirror 2 QUEEN STILL NARRATOR}

The first the king had saw was everyone waiting standing as they were over the body and they evaporated. He screams out.


"What was we doing in there. That was close. But, who put us there?"

{ENTERs in STAGE A from B;;;; OLD MAN saying }

"Then why are you here? Are you the great man the, phiolosepher?"

Asked an old man. Wearing what looked to be like a Robe of some kind. But when really. I woke up. Right after this part. I put my clothes for the day. And I could not figure why I was the son of the king, and old man with a Robe.
For some reason I wanted to go back to sleep. It's not a question of immorality it's a question of what happens next I think somewhere in there to my self who made the dream. And makes us the same. And why was I dream something so weird.
I went in of mirror. And the sun was gleaming through the window. It was a silver mirror until. An eclipse.
And someone standing behind me but only for a second.
It was the King from my dream.

"I'm truth I was there but why did you ask, Then why are you here are you the great philosopher?"


" I do not know."



(ACT 1 Scene 3;

{ Stage is change to STAGE C; A half apartment in Today’s time the year ----;


But the mirror start to glow gold. and then silver and then he was gone.
I woke again in my bed, and I found myself getting dressed. I was about to go look in the mirror.

{JACK} That was a hell of dream.
I put on my clothes, and I jumped into bed.
Thinking about,' The great king and the question I asked.'
Finally after a while. I was there again.

{While saying his lines he goes through bedroom wall mirror}

Scene 4 Act 1

{JACK wakes up in the chair}


And I was soon once again, and he said.

( JACK says)

"I'm so sorry I did know what was happening. I sat in your throne."

( The son of KING JACK says)
"What should we do father? Wait I know he goes back and he comes with her. Not everyone made through. That's right....."
{HE looks into the eye's of the king.}
"What?" Said the King.
"I'm your......."
{Then suddenly they both said}, "Son."
{The king said,}" Through him back. Do it quick. He probably will not let you."
"No sir." {Said one of the knight's.}

{And the old man walked up to her his mother with a woman at his side. Who was also old. wearing robes.} "Please to finally meet our family."{Said the old man; King Jack Son says}
"It good to see you again. Mother. But Dad it's time for you all to leave. And go back in the mirror all of you and you will be saved. For do you remember when I was young man. And fell out of this mirror. Thank you for taking care of me. For I know no matter how we go back we never make back through that mirror with you. We've tried and tried too but it just won't work. I 'am not your son so when you back. Make one. I loved you. Mother, father."

{JACK says as he tells a story to KING JACK behind everyone's back as they start pay attention}
And then I woke up. And I seen someone laying next to me. 
And it was the woman.
"Oh ,no.." I said very quietly so I would not wake her up.
I ran into the bathroom as an eclipse began to hit. It see it glow gold, and I seen self the mirror evaporate. 
And fell in front the king.
Wearing pajamas. 
And my hair was messed up.
"What the hell is going on."

{KING JACK says cutting of JACK; JACK keep talk despite what KINGJACK IS TELLING TO DO}
"What words just came out of your mouth?" said the King.
In his pajamas.
"Where exactly I Am I."
"In realm of Dreams but one day we must go where you came from. Who needed your sleep ware. you must be like me. kind of I think. I go check I'm the king here, and I do not have a wife."
"Maybe I can take you back where you come from how does this work?"
"Do you turn it on. Do you simply walk through. How does it work?"
(Says the king JACK)
"Oh you mean the mirror."
"Oh if your problems are life worse than you think sometimes we all come here in our dreams."

{As he hesitates for a moment.}
"Excuse me I was up all night with my wife I need to go lay down sorry you're as old as me." {Said the King.
As he begins to walk to his quarters were he sleeps. Then, it struck me. JACK says}"Do not go to sleep your majesty?"

{Says the King Jack.}

"Do you know how long I've been awake I 'll put in the dungeons out of my way, before I knock you asleep."
{JACK says}
"I'm sorry I think the only way can help you is if you open the portal."
{King JACK says}
"There's nothing you can do. 
The portal opens only when it wants too not when we want."
{JACK says}
"You're right but is there some kind of spell we can cast or person to a spell to keep you awake I seen it a dream where I come from something bad. Bad is going to happen to your world in this realm."

(KING JACK says}
"What? And what is your name?"
(JACK says)

"I'm not sure but the start of this is the end for us. I see me age quick beyond comparison I seen me know magic in a magic robe and I was old and I was married to your daughter or something. Oh my name is, Avermiclokoumizisodo.... Oh...."

{KING JACK says}
"Are you serious?"

{JACK says}
"No, my name is Jack. 
What is your' s?"

{Said Jack the King.}
{{Then he started to pace faster.
And he faints. 
And passes out into Jack's arms..}
"Someone help he feel asleep!"
{Said Jack.}

"Guards take them to the cells below us. And figure out where he got his disguise." "HHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
EY Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...."
{Said Jack the KING.}

{{A guard walk up to Jack and Jack. And Jacks them in the mouth knock them both to the ground with blow at the same time by hitting Jack in front of Jack. 
The wall on the side of them. Shows another mirror. The king looks into it at himself for he said out loud.}}
"Your one handsome guy Jack.
But this mirror of veltadamina...
.......Curse of which must opened and broke." {Said Jack the king.}
{{Other giant mirror on the side of them and on the wall. Cracks all the way down the middle from the top very noise like.}}
"Maybe I'm ugly. But I'm not a curse."
{Said the King Jack.}
{{And the mirror opened like, a door.
He looked in to see fire and brimstone. And people screaming.
Finally, The other Jack the king's gets up. And, so does Jack. They lose their attention on hell or whatever it is. }}

{{As Jack says},"I'll hit you back you. You starting something I swear. I'll bust you opens and send you down to hades."

{{Still not have their attention on the doorway to hell. An women with a broom steps out saying,}}
"I'm glad I have got out of there."
{{And dust herself off, and walks out. Of the throne hall , and outside. To the public. They stop fight cause they hear}} "Burn this witch." {{Coming from out side in a loud manner from a crowd.}}
"I just can't take anymore I'm going to have problems." {{Said Both of them at the same time. Jack the king.}}

{{The doors to the grand palace open the witch screams}},"Help me there going to burn me. And why is there two of you there should only be one. And who open the door to hell that is where I have from i guess we all get a second chance."{ Said the witch.}

"What is your name women?." {Said Jack the king.}

"My name is, anderail. Why do you ask?" {Said the witch.}

"You can wake my parent can you not?" {Said jack the king.}

"Yes.. but why did you say can you not?" {Said the witch.}

"You have not tried yet." {Said Jack the King.}

"I will help under these particular circumstances. " {Said the witch.}

{Stage D; A bed in the king’s quarters where the king and queen are asleep and will not wake up; As they repeatedly turn there heads back and forth)

{{{{{{(END of First ACT))))))

{Screen Play & Stage play}
{{The Realm of Dream}}
{{ Written by }}
{{Christopher Stephenson}}

Act 2 scene 1&2
{STAGE E; Front stage; NARRATOR FATHER TO KING JACK says; ENTERs Spell on stage He begins to write down something on a paper with a n ink pen.} 
{I will start to write down. The way the words will come to me to find the key to open the door. For 
I must save even me. The dark. Has a curse over the land. In my world. And, 
lost my family. And he has them in another place and time I must save this place. To 
open, door that leads to land where they are held captive. As I pick up the pen, and write on 
the paper. From another room from behind me I hear}.

(Stage turns to stage F; Says Jack)

"We haven't got much time there trying to, 
break in here to get the keys. Get the spell written. Spell."

"I'm working on it." {Spell shouts back. NARRATOR says}}

I pick up the pen once again to write on the paper. 
I disappear.{Spell goes through trap door As a dragon roar bells out so audience does not notice Spell exit stage F} The pen falls to the paper. Then all of a sudden. It Hovers in mid-air. (Through trap door with mirrored glove; writes on paper} And 
continues to write on the paper.
A magic informal spell conjured by a priest. Is in the other room. Doing a seance in the other 
room next to the room I was in.

"Isaaa……………...conjure the key." {Said the 
priest. Five other people around a nine sided star. Are seancing the words,}

"Vata .... Mos .. 
des ... his .... Death .... "

{{Over, and over. A fire ball starts to form over the nine sided star. They 
are all wearing robes of black.}} "You betraying me. After all of this." {{The fireball rises higher, and 
higher to the air.}} "La Mosta Conjur The betrayer ".

{{One of them shout as I cast a spell 
at them. The fireball breaks up in five ways striking the five around the nine pointed star in 
between them on the ground. One of them drops a Key ring, of keys to the ground. I picked it 
up. Unlock the door. Go through shut the door behind me, and lock it. They barge in through the 
other door. Knighted Souldiers. In armor suits with blades of fine swords to finish off me in the 
name of the dark daminocine. Still hold the ring of keys.}}

"Spell where are you. Can't find you to 
help. Where is the key. " {{Said the priest. }}

{{But, The one with the name of spell is gone. He finally see's the pen writing all on it's own. He kneels down to read what it is that it is writing.}}


"On, my. It's a spell maybe better read it. 
{{Dasmon .... As .... Ven ... La ... Pastur ..... " Dust flies in the air on everything. 
The paper, and pen turn to stone. And so does the priest}}

{{ACT 2 Scene 3&4(3)}}

{{NARRATOR says}}


A Dark sky which leads it self down from the sky. A Crow Diving, and just as you think it is going

to come crashing down on the ground it goes into a cave flying through. The dark black as is if it

could see in the dark. As it continues to fly through the corridors to where it needs to go.

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Surrounded by nothing but, black. Not hearing anything at all. I wake up. But, something is

different. There is a witch doing some kind of summoning over my body, I open my eye's I finally

know. I'm in a different realm. I get up in a hurry. About to cast a spell on this witch when. All of

a sudden A crow lands on the witches arm .


And she takes a little scroll off of the crow. As she throws a spell at me causing me to freeze

where I can not move. {{She reads it}}, "We have a problem. All kingdoms in every land are

seeking out the magic dwells to kill them. And distinguish our race." ((Said the Witch.))

She lifts her arm into the air.,  And, the crow flies away. She takes the spell off of me, as I fall to

the ground.

"I know." {Said Spell. }

"We have to do something to you something you do not like ..... You are not like other people. I

have to put you in five pieces, and separate you as I go just to put good magic through this land.

I'm sorry."{ Said the witch. }

"Isn’t there. "{One of them begin to say as she cuts me off.}

By throwing a fireball at me and. throwing me two the wall behind me.


{She screamed.}

But she did not listen to the person with the name Spell.

As she started a different

seance with all the power and of magic. She knew she had to do something to stop them

From creating such a place that would diminish everything they stood for to stop the darkness from happening.



{Stage H; A ship deck is the whole stage there is two window in front below}


In this place it is like any other a virtuous. It's a place where the right  to be the same.

In which they are not. The time takes place. Not in the world Spell left behind. But, in their

dreams. In the Realm that has long be forgot. A place, and time. In a futuristic world.

He leaves the window. And puts the scroll in his pocket. And goes up on deck.

He sees sailor mates mob the floor which is above his window.

"Excuse me." {He said.}

"Yes sir. Can I help you lieutenant to armor window 12 sir."

{ Said the sailor mate.}

"Actually, have a question and take walk of me now. It is the survival of this ship."

{ He said.}

"Sir whatever you like."

{Said the sailor mate.}

"Lean over the port side."

{ He said looking into his

eyes. He who asked shows him the scroll.}

"Was it you who through this over the side into my


{He said.}

"No, And I have been stand here. All break of the cosmo we are riding now

and have been for hours at hand. Captain said we'll switch to the veridian cosmo soon. He

said in about an hour. To the captain's log. You can check if you like."

{Said the sailor mate. }

The lieutenant puts the scroll back in his pocket. He is about to throw him over the side.

And the captain comes to their attention.

"Captain on Deck."

{{ Said the sailor mate. }}

Who turns as

the lieutenant falls over the side.

Then the pressure. The rudders

kick in. As he is screaming falling fast, and faster.

{Screams the sailor mate)


"What's going on here. Explain this to me sailor mate or you go overboard. With my twelve

window Lieutenant. I want answers and I want them now."

{Said the captain. }

{The sailor mat with striped black and white clothes. Looks into the eye's of someone he does

not to mess right now. A black and blue with gold ropes from both sides of his shoulders. In

uniform. As he draws his sword.}

"For the one that fell is already dead."

{Said the captain. }

"I'm not sure but he had this scroll. From your eye view. He hand it to me where none of you

could see. I was hope he would not try to push me over But when Captain is on deck. I get a

little nervous."

{Said the Sailor Mate. }

"Hand it to me."

{ Said the Captain.}

"Yes sir."

{Said the sailor mate}.

{{He put out his hand stretched forth, and the captain knew he was right. He grabbed the scroll

very fast then kicked over the sailor mate. }}


{{ Shouts another sailor mate. }}

"Ha ha ha h a ha ha ha ha ha ha h a ha a a a a a a a a .... "

{{He screams. }}

"So what kind of treasure is this. That he would do that. You all know the rules of sailor.

I'll be examining this in my quarters."{{ Said the Captain. }}

"YEs sir. "

{{Yelled the crew besides the captain.

The cosmo of veridiane Goes by there ship. Very bright as if they were so close it would

exploded their ship is it goes by. And, the captain cries}},

" Change The course of the spinning

axes to follow this cosmo And, get back to work."

"YES, sir " {Yelled the crew}.

{{The captain goes into his quarter as if he is upset about something. He opens the door and

goes into his office of simplicity. Set down at the desk. And reads the scroll. }}

"A fia nta Most of you must be the one who stops this scroll shall

be .... A magic spell to under all of you. It is your demise that you got this scroll.

Hope for you is all ready gone. A. fia nta And your doom will be soon.

What, Is this anyway!"

{{ Through a trap door; Spell enters stage out of nowhere and it looks as if the spell was just conjured by reading what it said}}

Spell say’s-

"Where the hell is this? And what is the reason for you reading this scroll. {The Captain gets out of his by his desk}

The Captain-

This is my ship. Explain the magic in this scroll and I’ll let you live.


One way or anyway. I’m going to die. You can list the demands. But there’s a witch that has turned me to a spell. The only way to break the spell is live. Oh that and she broke me into five different ones. I would be surprised if she’s make more!!

The Captain-

So there is no money gold or even diamonds involved?



{The captain goes to door of his office and opens it; And yells to the crew}


Make him walk the plank.

{His mates tie his hands and take him to the tip of the ship and throw him overboard. As if it looks like he falls for millions of miles down} {He screams}


He He HA HA HA HA a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{End of Scene 4 Act 2}

ACT 3 Scene 1

((Stage H; Everybody is already on the stage and is talking only when they talk;  Narrator after say’s is same person JACK who is spell ; Everybody is wearing realistic makeup)

{"And as I fall asleep in a place of unfortunate." }

As I fall asleep in a place of unfortunate inhabitants we'll I'm hit over the head by a pirate. That

declare Mutiny on me as if the captain himself knew what was going to go down. All of sudden, I

do just that my eye's close As I flicker away my eye's open and shut. And then finally, close them. To where I see nothing but black.

ACT 3 Scene 2

(Stage H; of a cave in any increment}

For I was knocked out unconscious from the back of my head by

the 12th lieutenant. I begin to dream of the witch. We are going through a cave. She has a torch

in her hand and me in a robe like always black. I follower her. And, I hear something behind as

we make through this cave. The noise of a million people, and even the dark shout at us. As if

something were different making weird noise to speak through the air to tell us what exactly they

are.{ "IKKKKKKAAAA!" }Shouts a Orc. So I know that in this dream Orcs, and supernatural things

are even chasing me. Then in the cave. We rush and she throws a fireball toward. The unknown

behind following us down. And it knocks me unconscious. I wake up And too the side of me.

Hundred of different type of dark matter are going through very quickly running flying leaping.

But there is no light there. As I open my eye's She barely douses the torch so they can not see

us when pass. But this was dream, and know I'm here hopefully not to wake where I was before

that, or was it where I was suppose to be.

The witch was over my body. Whispering. Saying, "Be quiet. Your back with me know. It will

happen every time you die. But, we only have four chance now. And if we fail. That is where your

fate will be. Follow me."{ She said. ]

I didn't know what to do. So I got up and I followed her. Little did I know she new nothing of my

begin. To find the key to make it back to that castle before it was too late for they might kill my

family. And, the fact I want nothing to do with magic.

As hundreds of things past She made a keyhole in the ground. And pulled out the ring with the

keys. "How did you get that?" I said softly whispering.

"I can't tell you put will see if this works. The first scroll is in fact cause I killed you. So will if this

key will work after I a " [Said the witch.]

"After what?" I said.

{"This ... ''} Said the witch when she throws a scorpion on me.

And it stings me in my eye. I pick up and I throw it into the corner not the crowd of the dark

going past looking for us. And I fall asleep. "I'm sorry."[ Said the Witch.]

And I die. I begin to think of something I really don't want too. And my imagination takes flight

one more time again. I find myself. I a cave like I'm in. I wake up. And in Den of Dragons. Lots

of baby dragons. All of them one color of black with white razor sharp teeth, and red eyes.

The Wings as if they were bats. But serpents at the same time.

At least ten on the side of the den on the side on. They began to cry out for their mother and soon I found out that the only way out was to go through water. Out of an old window I found myself going through after I went in the water. And I climbed through as I was still swimming to the top. I had breath again. And breathed out. I then, seen a little boat to the left of me. I jumped the boat, and all of sudden I seen something flying toward so I jumped back the water. And held onto the bars so the dragon would not see me. "Wonder how you did not notice the second scroll." {Said the dragon.}

Hovering right over me. "How?" {I said.}

"I read it but when I read it burned. I didn't think I would get dinner. Do you mind I like mine well

done?"{ Said the Dragon.}

As he lights me on fire. Blowing the fire from his throat it as if he knew I would be there.

"Ah.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .

Ah.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .

Ah.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," { I scream in horror},

And in pain.

And find myself in darkness. The Witch I see her at the gate. This time of Rock. She turns it the

left. And falls but so do I. Soon I'm by her. And at least I'm not in pain anymore. I was hurting

bad. And all of sudden. She wakes me as she pulling the scorpion of me we are fall in mid-air.

Right directly from my eye. "Ochhhh ... !" {I scream out.}

ACT 3 scene 3

{Stage ‘I’ a rook of castle on stage}

I wake up and where we are Hiding on top of castle top in the middle of the night. I find myself

opening my eye's and {she say's,} "Don't move or we'll get caught, and must like burned alive."

I notice that bad thing's are going to happen no matter what she does. For in the dream. I was a

burning scroll over this castle window we were next too. A ceiling window.

She goes to slit my throat. I stand up, and jump in the window. Glass shatters. As I fall she

follow behind me. But she not fast enough to caught me I close the castle doors. And locked.

She up against the other side of the door, and she whispers to me."1 thought you were on my

side. "No! I'm going to go my own way now. Three more times I will die without you go where I

belonged in the first place. But, just to tell you I'm already there. In a very strong, and I've been

waiting them all five III have to do. And then kill me to meet you."{ I say very direct.}

I walk a little and to tell her," I know magic. I could have beat you. And if your right make your

own way." {I said. }


"How did you get the keys." {She said} as the keys come under the door. But, I didn't think

anything of it, and ran for the next door. Unlock it with key on the key ring. And hear knighted

soldier's stabbing her through her back as she cries out in pain.

"Asvesta Mulita " {I shout} put my hands forward two of me are

formed. Side by side. {We both say} wearing the same clothes. "Asvesta .

Mulita " Then I quickly say it once. "Asvesta Mulita "

Then there stands five of me And we all start doing a seance which cause the floor to glow as

fire a nine sided star. We all seance. And I die for the first time. As a fireball hits and knock me

out with no pain as I close my eye's I see an apparition of myself.{ As I hear{{{ myself say,}}}}

(NARRATOR SAYS) {Mumbling first,} "dssdsss.; Get the spell written. Spell."

From a different point exact when I noticed my self. I wake up to the second, the third the fourth,

fifth but we all die the same. A fireball. Then for so reason. I find myself. In front of my wife. As

the king, and i got five minutes before I'm betrayed.( "I don't remember I have to remember.")( 'I'm

not going to do what I did last time.'} I thought.

Then, I knew what do. " I put the guards in front of me.", and then wife. I gestured to my queen.

Follow me no matter what you see.

"Okay because you love me." {She said. }

We begin to run in a pace. So quickly. We break down the doors. As my family follows me with

guards all around me. On the first away from our quarter's I see A witch get stabbed yelling out

this way my king. As she dies. I still lead my family but am crying. She lead me so far.

Know if she was right. I see the key held out I order my knights to cover everyone faces. And I pick up the key to the final door. I turn it. I open the door. We go inside. I see a stone of pen and paper. "No one touch this stone it's bewitched."{ I yell out.}

"Yes your majesty."{ Said one of the knights. }

"And look in the other tower's if there not here they found another way out."{ I said. }


The King Jack. Had done the things he need to save his kingdom. All was well. The quest is now that he had the keys, and the choice to stop the suffering would he listen. And, no for he got very unkind. Evil is what you would call it. In a disappear he was now old. The queen

One night hear the guards speaking.

"So he wants us to do a assassination of our own queen does he." {Said the guard knight.}

At the quarter door to the main chamber of where they rest.

'I can barely hear them.' Thinks the queen.

"S ..... hhhh .... " Whispers the guard to the other.

"You don't want her to hear us do you?" {He said. }

"No ... But when is the day?" {Said the other.}

"Tomorrow." {Said the guard. }

As the queen still hearing the conversation. She knew the king had left the goodness a while

ago but. not this. What? Was 'she going to do. "I've got a plan. They won't suspect it I'll leave

tonight. Surely, he does not know I was the witch. Who help him." {Said the queen}. As she felt

herself embrace the past.

She remembered. The night they might. An old lady in a cabin alone by herself.

She goes to the fire. "It's a spell of one. But, I know he is not the one to help us all."{ Said Melly.}

She puts her hand in the fire. And cast to turn herself into a scroll. She has orders for someone

to pick up a scroll and take it to the king. For she knows she must help him with a key or without.

So {she scream} out the words, "Ava ..... t..ha .... " She turns into the scroll. A knight of the king

walks into the cabin picks up the scroll, and brings it back to the king.

On the scroll it reads,

The one who you in trust. Av .... a th ... a

I will be there ....

He reads, and it turns back into Melly.

On such a spell they fall in love. But, the thought of him going bad. She must escape this world,

and go to her doom first to make it there. She knows there is no running but she will be back to

help, him ever so much even though he is the way of magic he is the evilness that will destroy

her love for him. She decides to stay even if she is assassinated.

She walks to the bed. And lays down to go to sleep. For sometime she knew he would not be

joining her. In his lover's quarrel that he found him sometime ago. She was in the garden

looking over flower's. When she seen him flirting with other women bad like. And watching him

as he did not see her. As he grab a dress of one the lady's. And pinched her as they went into

the other side of the garden. She remembers how heart felt broken she was. She lay there. And

began to fall asleep. She dreamed of her parent's death when he was killing them.

And she was running away from him,"Melly run!"

 {said her father.}

As you see her in the garden running away from the castle.

Then, she walk up, and it was day.

The King walks into the quarter's looking very mean like at her with evil grin and chanting about

him in the name of evil.

"So I finally see you here." {Said Milly.}

"Come now women you don't have this bad or worse than what it is?" Said King Atomes.

"Then what would you have me do." {Said Milly.}

"Nothing? You are going to die anyway. You should have changed me before I killed your

parents for my father. For I tried to save them. And because. His people killed him. Everyone

would have remembered."{ Said King Atomes. }

"If you are going to kill me how about a scroll when you try."{ Said milly.}

"What do you mean?" {Said King Atomes. }

He goes to the bed very fast and stabs her in the belly. She bleeds a little.

"Like this. Ava ... tha ... " {Screams the queen. }

As he stabbed by again in the belly she disappears.

As he begins to strike the air where she was.

""Guards look for now." {Said the King. Atomes. }

Who knew she had purpose for him. And it was not the last time they would meet.

After he read it out loud. He looks at the scroll and it starts to get brighter. The more he looks

at the words. He puts down thinking the one thing that he knows could be the end.

He think,' Magic what the hell. I'll have whatever this is.'

He puts his hand on the scroll. And he gets brighter, and brighter. He looks out his quarters

window, and they are right on schedule. Fearing someone will come to his aid. He put the

scroll away. In his desk. He walks to the door to his quarters. And opens the door after a

moment wanting to go back to the scroll. He cracks open the door. "Nothing here sailor mates

sail on to, Dissmast city." He shouted. Then, closing the door behind.

He quickly runs

And, tries memorize the scroll. Then it does not even glow.

So {he reads} the words out,

"A fia nta Most of you must be the one who

stops this scroll shall be .... A magic spell to under all of you. It is your demise that you got this·


Hope for you is all ready gone. A. fia nta And your doom will be soon."

And the scroll disappears he begins to look all over the quarters from something. Anything.

But, he does not find anything until he looks under the table where scroll to begin with. And

under the desk is spell. Crinkled up like a ball.

All of sudden, he draws{ his sword saying}, "I will run you through. If I do not get what I want."

"No you will not." As he throws a fireball at the{ Captain. And says} again, "No you will not."

"Where the hell I'm I." [{Said Spell. }

"You are on my ship flying with cosmos. "Said the captain at the same time is flying in the air.

And hit the wall, and knocked out unconscious.

He looks under the desk for something anything that will help him and tell him how he got


She walks to the bed. And lays down to go to sleep. For sometime she knew he would not be

joining her. In his lover's quarrel that he found him sometime ago. She was in the garden

looking over flower's. When she seen him flirting with other women bad like. And watching him

as he did not see her. As he grab a dress of one the lady's. And pinched her as they went into

the other side of the garden. She remembers how heart felt broken she was. She lay there. And

began to fall asleep. She dreamed of her parent's death when he was killing them.

And she was running away from him,"Milly run!"{ said her father.}

As you see her in the garden running away from the castle.

Then, she walk up, and it was day.

The King walks into the quarter's looking very mean like at her with evil grin and chanting about

him in the name of evil.

"So I finally see you here."{ Said Milly. }

"Come now women you don't have this bad or worse than what it is?" Said King Atomes.

"Then what would you have me do." {Said Milly.}

"Nothing? You are going to die anyway. You should have changed me before I killed your

'parents for my father. For I tried to save them. And because. His people killed him. Everyone

would have remembered."{ Said King Atomes. }

"If you are going to kill me how about a scroll when you try."{ Said milly.}

"What do you mean?"{ Said King Atomes. }

He goes to the bed very fast and stabs her in the belly. She bleeds a little.

"Like this. Ava ... tha ... "{ Screams the queen.}

As she stabbed by again in the belly she disappears.

As he begins to strike the air where she was. ''''Guards look for now."{ Said the King. Atomes.} Who knew she had purpose for him. And it was not the last time they would meet.

The Sword Of A Dream Graph ( The Realm of Dreams )

Written by Christopher Stephenson

Act 4 Scene 1

Scene 1

(The magic wandering spell is always a child)

(Stage 1; Castle quarter’s of a winding staircase.)

(ENTER’s little boy on stage)

A little boy wandered the castle looking tapestry to stairway. For something that could explain his own name. Spell. It was not quite the intention he had. But he knew exactly what he was.

It a clue his parents always mentioned. Teasing him abruptly. ‘Short a witch that mattered. And above all white hair for such a young age.’ His eye’s he stirred into. Through a mirror as he passed it and stopped. Looking at the sides notice how old this mirror could be with his white eye’s. Know his parents might not always be there. He checked to see if they where a round. No one was. So he went back to mirror and cried use magic he made tears disappear as he cried.

He heard a footstep. From the stairway to the side. So he made himself stop crying, and casted a portal to his room on himself. As smoke filled the tapestry. A guard came up wandered where a noise could have been. And nothing was there. As he said," Where's that noise. "

He laid on his bed. And fell asleep.


(Stage 2){A mountain side that looks like the dessert with a mountain by it tree’s and all; wasteful dessert to the left of audience; and a mountain of forest to the right of audience}

-In the distant realm of dreams-

(Enters a man; Wearing leather armor; with a sword in a leather band by his side)

A Man was walking down a mountain side. The sky was clear blue and far away greys filled the sky. The sword was by his side. In leather bonds to keep it hosted to his leather armor. He walked north as he looked down in a puddel from the rain to see his face young, and a charm shined threw his lips and chin area. His eyes were gray and hair was black.

He walks over and onto the puddel as his foot in leather boots stepped into the muddle of water spraying upwards into the air, and then towards the ground hitting it. As the Sword began to speak a vibration coming off the blade. As it began to talk saying,

(A voice out of Nowhere begins to speak)

"Why would you go, North. When you have lost her completely. If you go North."

"What voice is this? Where are you come out from?" Said spell.

"I’ am here but only in spirit I’m the last owner of this sword. I will give you three guess to tell you. Then you shall know my voice."

"The last lover that was of mine. That she killed with this blade." Said spell.


"My lover." Said spell.

As he drew his sword from his side and looked at the steaming coming off as it burned red. It was if it was being made whole but not a finish on it. He tore a piece of cloth off his arm and put it around the handle for it was hot of fire and burning into the leather handle. So hot it burned red.

"It is me of course. But I do not know yet if I am still alive. A very smart witch in fact over the land of, Veridean. In a cave. acquired a portal stone, and my remains. Willed this sword from it I’m so, sorry of the witness of this. But when we meet I was old already.

But yet it is a portal so take it back to me, never tell me for I have meet you in the past, I never knew. And you will never save me."

"How do you get the portal to work?"

Said spell.

"You need it one component that I lack blood. But as it burns. I knitted for you the handle itself.

Burn it now on this blade and you will fall into the dream graph, and wake up when I really knitted a leather band for you when I was young for the sword. I need to warn you I’m rich. And wise. I did not know then I loved you.

Then. But, I knew you for an instant. When we fought for the first time. Remember I cut a piece of your Leather band off you in ignorance. I also cut my hand. And bleed all over it do not try to stop the fight that you will see after wards it will be your death. Good luck. My love."

I held the sword for a moment not sure of what I must do. I paced back and forth I realized she was not the one that I thought in fact. And neither was she telling the truth. In fact I was in some kind of trance because was the sword. I must ask,

"Did you really love me? Or was it just then.

Or are you a lie. For I been looking for someone my whole life for anyone over and over I’ve heard bad things about you as if you are a witch.

The reason I say this all. Is"

Said spell.

"No really cared for you?" Said the voice.

"But I know of your demise there was an owner before you who died from this sword. I will yelled but only for the king. Do not speak to me. I hear your voice because you did this to yourself.

And If I could go back I would not. For you killed someone I thought loved you we are done." Said spell.

"I guess even in death I had no one………….

I had no one……………" Said the voice.

"I’ve been waiting to hear you.

Help me save the kings take me back to the time when a child of the king dies. And maybe I’ll go back and save you. What do you say?" Said spell.

"We only have a seal if you put your blood on the tip of the sword. Otherwise you might as well discard me I will end you in some way." Said the voice.

spell he took the blade and cut his hand. As the blood fell down the blade there was no back down now. For he has a deal with a witch.

"Done." Said spell.

"You must go to the grave of the child quickly. And cut the body. And prepare to go through the dream graph. We will talk again I was a gifted witch." Said the voice as the vibrations stopped coming from the sword.

(Through trap door Man disappears; Stage 2 turn to stage three move stage 2 to the right; add lake to the left with cemetery in the middle}[Stage 3]

{out of nowhere the same appears in middle of stage through trap door}

He put his sword back in leather at his side armor nice and fitted.

He picked up the shovel and start to dig up the grave. He must have recently been buried because it looked like it has not been long since then. Moving dirt away from the grave.

After a while he found his body in the dirt. And pulled him out of the grave. And removed his sword from his side of armor. And cut into his body.

Yelling out, "I will save you from demise."

He holds up the sword, and electric bolts of lightening strike the blade burning it. As spell looks around he see the body below but to a distance around he see himself at a lake somewhere else. His entire body evaporates he looks down to see things start going backwards as the child evaporates in front him.

"I knew this would do this. I knew I could." Said spell.

He puts his sword in his leather bonds again and by side. And runs back toward the castle.

Pacing very fast. The guards do not see him they probably would think he was an assassin.

He jumps into lake for he knows of another way to save the family and the king to the throne.

He swims downwards until he goes into a catacomb of brick and comes out the water which

Leads into a way to get to the child's quarters.

He goes up the tower And comes across a window the assassin is coming in from.

(Stage 1)(Stair case to king’s quarter’s enter MAN)

And stabs him through the back pulls out the sword and throws him back out the window.


Knowing he had no time for a reward. He would be a traitor to the king for saving his son so he

went back the same he came. Through the catacombs and lake miles away from trouble.

The minute he was out. He looked at the sword. And it began to turn to fire. And designated in

(EXITS MAN by disappear through trap door)

front of his eyes. The stone portal falls out of the thin air from where the sword was.

"Oh no what I’m going to do?" Said spell.

He looks around. And things begin to change the castle evaporates, and he find himself again in

Dream graph once more. Then everything goes back to normal but. Lightning hits him as he

hold the portal stone. And he evaporates.

(EXITs and enters man on stage (Stage4) )

(A cave with a witch in an older lady at a Cauldron)

He’s in the layer of a cave now. Of the witch.

"You say I do not know why you did this to yourself. That’s why? " Said the Witch.

"We may meet but I’m your demise I saved someone I do not love. And know I kill you to strangle the truth. That you are right." Said spell.

He begins to strangle the witch. Shouting out." What I’ve I will do. None you deserve to win. You follow them!!!!!!"

And all of sudden he is hit in the head with a sword. And falls down. Knocked out.

"No you idiot you will." Said The King.

The witch grabs the air with her lungs finally able to breathe again. "Thank you my love." Said the witch.

"What have you been doing our son is alive and he was dead. In fact by him." Said the king.

As spell evaporates as he disintegrates into thin air.

"Be good I do not know when that idiot will be back he comes every ten years with our without the ,Portal Stone. That there was the past." Said, The queen and witch.

The good witch of the, kingdom of Virdean.

And the queen of all magic.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(At SAME STAGE as ACT1 scene 1; the throne)

-In the distant Dream Realm-

A king and queen was sitting on the throne. A gesture proceed to entertain them. With laughing a gestures until, he said the wrong words.

"Ha…………" He says. "Please don’t step on me I guess that would make you a giant.

In fact do not darken my spirits with your shadow. "

Said the Gesture.

They all began to laugh in vain.

But the gesture just turned around and said.

"You are so tall your shadow would step on me."

Said the Gesture.

The King walks up to the gesture and gets off his throne he is drunk but worried of the man’s humor that he is the spell there son. To stop them from loving each other,

As he draws his sword from his side, ‘making a fool out of himself.’

And point it the gesture who is very short to him saying,

"Are you spell the killer of or love?"

Said the King.

"No I was. But I’m here to entertain you. With one last thing do not make another step or I will part you from her." Said the Gesture.

The king stabs him in the belly and pulls his body off the sword. As it falls to the floor.

The king says, "Then, I shall go first but you will die first." The body finally hits the ground.

"Please someone clean up this joke and drink and forget about that killer of me and the queens love." Said the King as he turns around and walks back to the throne chair and is about to sit down. When the Gesture begins to laugh. And evil and dark as well.

"He He he He Ha Ha e Ha e Ha e He He He He He HE HE HE HA HA!!!!"

He rush to stab threw again but he see’s nothing. Not even a dead gesture. Not even blood on the ground.

"Was I imagining everything?" Said the King.

"No The part is over." Said the queen.

The queen goes to his side and they leave the main hall where they were celebrating not for anyone but a party. The king looks down at her belly. "I think it time. The conception of someone we will put in our family. " Said the King.

"Oh and wait see maybe the portal of spell will not return. I know it’s weird but I have a name for the baby if he is a boy. We will call him Spell for the spell I’m under when I look at your intelligence.

That is clever. Then kiss me. And put me in a spell. It will only last a while." Said the Queen.

The King kisses her very softly like. And they go into a trance. While they are kissing remember when they first meet to save the family him as a blacksmith and Wizard. And her as a mage and farm with her family. And they see them kiss for the first time. He looks down at her belly and she’s pregnant. As they stop to kiss. Each other. He notice as well.

"My dear you have know idea how amazing we are together look at that. What a spell. Spell it is." Said the king.

(Everyone disappear through trapdoor; Final Narrator says)

My name is spell. I was born in the wierdest matter. Whether I know it or not my parents dark wizards or witches you could say. I just do not know if I can keep up with them. When I was hanging around the fountain in front of the hall the main hall. I was daydreaming of how I would look as a King in the mirror. When all of a sudden. My father the king. Threw some kind of magic at me turning me into an old man.

Saying," Boy that’s what we all change into. And for now I’ll make you just a little younger but it’s time for you to learn about magic."

The king turns him to a middle age man. And said….," follow me."

(ENTER young boy and man dressed like a king young boy dressed like 1600’s)

(FINAL STAGE room that lead to cave in through a castle closet’ with a trapdoor that all can see through show; Right side of stage cave Left side hallway in castle)

Spell follows his father into a cave. Where there is a laboratory of things in the cause for their magic. Different elements on a table and jars of elixirs. To the right the wall was covered by books of spells, and scrolls of indications of different things. That has to do with magic.

"Look boy you had that name for so long I have to tell you it’s spell. You will always wage war on me, and try to take it from me but the throne is mine." Said the King.

"I know father. But I must do something before I go. make me a living portal." Said Spell.

"What?" Said the King.

"I must make look like I’m wrong so you always win." Said Spell as he notice his mother the Queen walk in.

"We know son everything we just want you to know we love you."" Said the queen.

The Queen and King gather up to him with daggers in the hand just about to strike him.

"I love you both very much." He said.

As he evaporated into thin air, and a stone falls to the ground. And breaks into pieces, and then into dust. Wind picks up in the cave for some odd reason and blows the dust in the air out of the cave, and travels through the air.

As proud parents they begin to cry. "I’ll miss you." Said his mother.

"I love y.o.u…….." Said His father and just he was about to say son.

They both say. "What the hell was that." Said the king.

"It was close he almost killed us again." Said the Queen.

And to the right. A scroll dictating and labeled reads," Hated spell on those who is is right to them in his era.’



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