Punctuation 1.5

Punctuation 1.5

A Lesson by compositionc

Mrs. Mark and my Scully and Mulder fanfic continues...


*looks up from tea* Why, hello there! I didn't see you! *lolz* No, I totally saw you. I was just reading this horrific story. Wanna see why?

"LIKE OMG!!!!!! HE ASKED ME OUT!!!!!!!" 

*sips tea calmly* I almost killed the author too, doves. Now, today, I shall be discussing the exclamation mark. And who better to inform us than exclamation mark herself?


Me: Hey everyone! Today, I'm going to be interviewing Mrs. Exclamation Mark! *whispers* Don't ask who her husband is... *loud voice* Applause!

Exclamation Mark: Hello. 

Me: Tell us a little 'bout yorself.

Exclamation Mark: No.

Me: Waitaminute, WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?

Exclamation: I quit! *storms off stage*

Me: *dumbstruck* What the bloody hell just happened?! We were gonna talk to an exclamation mark...*cries*


Since someone's such a drama queen, I guess I'll tell ya'll about exclamation marks. These rare marks are used with an actual exclamation, the command/order, and the shock/astonish mood. Now, watch me use all three.


Scully gasped and turned around to see Mulder, grinning stupidly. "Mulder! Don't ever do that again!"

"Sorry, Scully, but it was a once in a lifetime chance. Who knows when I'll ever get such an opportunity?" he replied. "I was looking around the barn, and you won't believe what I found!" 


"Fur! I'm sending it back to DC to have it tested and identified," Mulder answered, still grinning. "Find anything?"

"Well, people here sure do drink..."

Awesome! All right, let's point them out, shall we?

Actual exclamation: 

"Don't ever do that again!"

"...you won't believe what I found!"

How often should you use exclamation marks? I would say one or two is enough. Three is kind of pushing it, y'know. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald once said "Cut out all those exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke." That kinda makes it sound pitiful, right?

Just because, I want to talk about the interrobang! Now, you may be asking 'WHAT THE BLOODY DALEK IS AN INTERROBANG!?'

That, my dove, is an interrobang. You either write it ?! or !? or in fact . An interrobang is used with an excited manner, to express disbelief as a question, or a rhetorical question. Usage examples:

"Mulder! You have got to be kidding me. Werewolves who are politicians!?" Scully said, rolling her eyes. "Does that even make sense to you?!"

"Yes! Can't you see it, Scully?!" Mulder exclaimed. "It makes perfect sense!"

"No. No, it doesn't, Mulder," she argued. "Maybe...maybe they have a skin disease. I've read about it before. It's possible."

"Or...they could be werewolves!" 

Excited manner:
"Can't you see it, Scully?!"

"Werewolves who are politicians!?"

Rhetorical Question:
"Does that even make sense to you?!"

Well, that's all about exclamation marks! Next time, we'll talk with a question mark, aka Mr. Mark, and see where this Mulder/Scully fanfic takes me. 


More questions:
1. Learn anything and what did ya learn?
2. Liking my fanfic?
3. Think with some work I could put this into a book? How to Talk: Dialogue for Dummies by Mayisha Khan! No harm in lettin' ya'll know my last name. Liv already told ya'll.

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Posted 12 Years Ago

LOLZ. The bit at the beginning reminds me of Jacob in TFBS that day.
"HE SAID YES!!!!!"

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Posted 12 Years Ago

Everyone knows my last name.

1. Not really, I already knew this stuff because, I ACTUALLY PAID ATTENTION IN CLASS! :D Anyways.... Had I not really paid any attention, then ya, I would have.

2. Sure... I'm surprised you're always going for the X-Files stuff.... Why Not CM or DW?

3. That would be awesome.
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