My Crack Boss Story

My Crack Boss Story

A Lesson by Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

This is a short story with dialogues. A real story. People can read and enjoy; People who would like to create additional dialogues for any screen play is good. This story, well, could be utilized in movies/TV serial programs as a good content and as a good scene.




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When I was working in Public Sector Enterprise as PS, at one point of time, I was posted to Technical Information Center attached to a Senior Technical Officer by Name Mr Raghuram (He is no more now).  I had to face, confront, combat and argue and discuss with him regarding official matters as well as mine and his personal matters at few times in leisure time. He is a funny guy. He was Erratic too at times. He sometimes used un-parliamentary language with high tempers. I would like to narrate some of the brief below, as my memory goes on with deep thinking on the subject. I feel the readers would like to go through below incidents with interest.

          During the year 1985, I was posted as PS to one Mr Raghuram, Senior Technical Officer at the Technical Information Centre (TIC) at Public Sector Enterprise.  He was 6 feet height (Mr Raghuram died later). He was M Sc qualified with distinction and was having very good command over English.  He was aged 40 years then.  e was having goodteH He was having good technical knowledge on micro processors, chips and other related matters.  He was a good writer on technical subjects.

          There was one problem existing with him. He was too sharp, sensitive and responds very quickly.  He was aggressive, short tempered and very straight forward.  He was also little bit crack.  His mind gets disturbed on and off regularly.  He sometimes becomes wild. He shouts and bangs people with un-parliamentary language in English.  While entering in to factory premises, while passing through security gate, he goes on murmuring, shouting at company appointed security guards’ and officers.  He never hears anybody’s voice; but, he only goes on speaking, speaking and speaking. Sometimes, Mr Raghuram speaks himself. He was notorious, famous and well recognized by the entire company employees, as one of the “loose mind fellow”, “crack man”, “mental man”, “shouting man”, “upset man”, “mad man”, troublesome man” and “rash man” “semi-crack fellow” and what not.

          There was a requirement of one experienced Personal Secretary, needed to the Technical Information Center, to work under Mr Raghuram. Suddenly, I was posted and asked to work under him.

          In those days, I was too active, sportive and very fast at work in Stenography and typing. My terrific speed in typing @ 60-65 WPM and fastest noting down in English @ 120 WPM speed was well received by my boss.  Of course, my boss was very happy with me.

          When I reported to him, after posting at the Technical Information Center of my company, I was surprised to see his cabin where he was sitting (with a big officers table and four good chairs). When I saw his cabin walls, all the walls are written with marker pens, pencils and other color pens, like Dr. Raghuram, Professor Raghuram, Senior Technical Officer, Specialist in TIC and many slogans. Total cabin walls are written with his unwanted matter.  I was surprised to see all the writings.  Then I thought myself that, he was having some loose mind and a semi-crack fellow.

          I just got adjusted with my boss and worked for him for two long years. But, he was, however, good with me.  He used to permit me to go out of Lunch hour without returning back to office. Mr Raghuram was signing ‘permission letters’ for me to regularize my attendance, because I was to produce these permission letters to “Time Office In charge” located at the main gate security gate.  I used to take the benefit of permissions facility for my personal sake.  Almost for every alternative day, I used to utilize the permissions to leave the factory after lunch hour.

          When some letters are prepared for him officially, the covers were used to drop into the Post Box located outside the security main gate. He used to drop the covers after affixing the required postal stamps.  The Boss also used to drop some 50 paise coins, one rupee note or coin in the Post Box.  When, I observed this, I was following him to the Post Box.  I asked my boss, why did you put money in to the Post Box along with covers? The reply from my boss was – the Postman collects my covers and collects my money from the Post Box.  He carries the letters to the Post Office for further actions.  This is the regular feature of my boss.

          In leisure time, I just had a conversation with my boss, which is as follows:

Boss: Tell me PS, what is that you want to ask me?-

PS:    Sir, sometimes you are erratic, irritant and crack. What is the reason?

Boss: Who said, I am erratic, irritant and crack. I sometimes behave like that.

PS:    What is the reason for your behavior like that?

Boss: I have to check people like that.

PS:    Most people think you are semi crack? What is the reason?

Boss: I am a semi-crack some times on subject based. Most people are full


PS:    Why the Management sidelined you, sir?

Boss: I don’t know. You ask the Management.

PS:    Why you have been dropped from promotion to next cadre as Technical


Boss: I don’t know. The Management better knows the reason.

PS:    Are you not hurt, if you are not given promotion?

Boss: I just take it easy. I don’t regret. I don’t feel sorry. I make others hurt.

PS:    You are dropped for promotion 3-4 times so far, why?

Boss: It is up to the Management to give the promotion or not.

         Leave alone getting a promotion, I am not sacked on

         fictitious grounds for which I am thankful to the Management.

PS;    You behave erratically and become irritant at house?

Boss: Yes, of course. My house is my kingdom.

PS:    What makes you irritant, erratic and crack at house?

Boss: You ask my wife and children.  Reasons may be plenty.

PS:    Why did you not check up your physical health and

         mental health with any psychiatric doctor?

Boss: Why? It’s waste of money. I am not for feeding doctors and lawyer’s.

PS:     How can you improve your mental resistance and balance of mind?

Boss: If people don’t disturb me.

PS:     Even if you are not disturbed, you behave sometimes

          erratic, becomes crack and irritant.

Boss: God only answer your question. But, I am alright now

         and then.


In another major incident, my boss used to do good correspondence with some of the American companies at United States.  On one certain occasion, he invited American Company accredited Representative to visit our Company at Hyderabad (India). My boss did not take any permission or approval in writing from our company for inviting the Representative of the American Company. Generally, as per the protocol, when any foreign officials are invited, our company will have to bear all the TA, DA, Accommodation costs including local transportation.  Nothing has been arranged in this case.  On one fine day, the American Company Rep visited our company, carrying the letters written by my boss Mr. Raghuram.  The foreign official approached the CEO and the Managing Director of our company and other Technical Directors. Mr. Raghuram met the visiting American official and had formal discussions on various technical points.

          At the concluding day of the discussions, the foreigner asked TA, DA, Accommodation and other local charges and the visiting cost etc.  Our Company officials had a red face and were shocked for the claim of Three Lakh Indian Rupees by the American company Rep.  The request for reimbursement was turned down by the company management. Then the American Rep threatened to bring this issue to the notice of American Embassy at New Delhi.  As a face saving and to retain our Company reputation in the business circles, our company was constrained to pay all the costs to the American company representative. However, my boss was banged left and right by our top management for writing unauthorized letters to foreign company, without the knowledge and permission of the Technical Directors and CEO.

When the Voluntary Retirement Scheme was introduced in all the Public Sector Undertakings in India, my boss opted this VRS scheme.  The management immediately within one month accepted his VRS application and relieved him from the company. In later years my boss died due to ill-health.





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