Quick Start to Field Service Lightning

Quick Start to Field Service Lightning

A Course by Ravikumar Raju

Quick Start to Field Service Lightning With Field Service Lightning, you can streamline operations across the full-service chain on a single platform, resulting in a more integrated client experience. You can redefine the connected customer experience by giving your agents, dispatchers, and mobile staff the tools they need to provide a strong customer experience anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device with Field Service Lightning. How does Field Service Lightning Benefit the Workforce? Field Service Lightning is a single platform that links your entire workforce, allowing you to provide your clients with faster, smarter, and more personalized on-site service. It not only allows your employees to stay on top of things, but it also allows customers to easily book their own appointments through a customer community. From the bottom of the food chain to the top, Field Service Lightning delivers vital tools for all team members. Mobile Employees Use the all-in-one mobile app to get all of the information they need to execute each job properly. They can see the parts they'll need, the steps they'll need to complete each assignment, and even get directions to the location. Support Agents Have access to appointment scheduling, which allows them to see detailed case feeds, real-time milestone monitoring, and worker skills and knowledge. Dispatchers From the dispatcher dashboard, you can view and manage all scheduled tasks, coordinate resources, and use Map View and Field Service Management Tools for real-time monitoring of all field employees. Managers Capable of managing field resource management, as well as critical customer and employee KPIs, in order to ensure that operations are as effective and productive as possible in the salesforce service cloud. Capture Data and Focus on Success The appointment scheduling procedure is automated with salesforce field service management. As a result, field service requests are resolved faster and the appropriate service resource is allocated to the project, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. The productivity of service resources is boosted by having all of the tools needed on mobile devices to handle work orders and service reports rapidly. Everything is stored in one location, from installations and repairs to preventative maintenance, in order to retain that important 360-degree client view. Consider several salesforce field service lightning pricing before integration. Outcomes Create work orders quickly from any case. Create and manage field service work orders, as well as access Knowledge articles and track SLA compliance with Milestones. Work orders are linked to Accounts, Contacts, Assets, Cases, Entitlements, and other Salesforce Field Service Lightning objects, allowing you to pull data from several sources. Optimize scheduling and assign jobs sensibly. From the Service Console or a Customer Community, you may book truth-based service appointments right away with Field Service Lightning Implementation. To boost employee productivity, jobs are automatically assigned to the proper resource based on time, talents, location, and any business rules with intelligent scheduling. Companies have incorporated sophisticated scheduling and tracking of employees, equipment, and trucks to guarantee the proper parts are accessible for the job with economical field service salesforce pricing. Increase your first-time repair rate by leveraging the power of AI. Field Service Lightning Consulting analysts may utilize image recognition with AI Vision to quickly identify assets and parts in photos. To avoid confusion and extra trips back to the office, make sure the correct product part is repaired or replaced. You can automatically prescribe the right set up steps for technicians based on an image's classification, so they can provide faster, smarter Salesforce Field Service.



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Ravikumar Raju
Ravikumar Raju

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