What topic is it?

What topic is it?

A Lesson by Fnaf fan

In this lesson you will decide what subject you are doing for your essay


Hello there!
I am Kayleigh, your teacher for these lessons.
I have other courses such as the art of poetry, so you want to write children's books and more.
Today, you will have me ask some questions which you can answer in your homework if you want and have some help in your essays.

So to begin with to write an essay, you need to choose a subject.
If you already have a topic chosen by who you are doing it for it you are doing it for someone then this lesson will not be of much use, but I would still like for you to do the homework.
If it is vague, like Mary or physics, you should narrow it down. For example, one that I did on my own time was a maths one, I wanted to narrow it down so I did fractions.

Your home work:
Make sure you tell me your name so that I can address you properly.
Tell me what subject you are doing.


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Added on February 19, 2023
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