#2 Starting a Story

#2 Starting a Story

A Lesson by tynamite

Each writer has their own unique way of starting a story, here is mine, well I tried to explain it.


This advice is specific to the way that I start stories. Advice is subjective! Different people start stories in different ways. This is not the one definitive standardised only way.
Feel free to share your ideas, methods and feedback!

Well for me starting a story is about 2 things. Firstly how you introduce the story, and secondly how you narrate the story. It's not enough just to say what happens as a matter of fact. I'm trying to think of a good example.

Have you ever noticed that when listening to the radio, you can tell whether you like a song within the first 3 seconds? It's not one of those things that we think about. But when you think about it, you'll notice that normal songs, you have to wait like 1 minute to find out if you like the song. Radio friendly songs are designed to let you know whether you do straight away.

That same basis applies to my stories.
I have a special way of narrating my stories in 3rd person that only I do, which also helps.
You have to let the reader know what sort of story it is, without saying what happens.

Below are examples of the first three sentences I've used to introduce stories very quickly.
What a lot of people do, is introduce a story by something happening. Some people think that they have to go straight to some exciting action to start a story off. I don't think that's effective.
Note how I never do that, and focus more on the scene itself.

Back To School
I wasn't meant to be there, but I was. I had walked along this path many times, but there became a time in my life when I was not to walk along that path anymore. Luckily, the life I live isn't like your world.
Familiarity Breaks
Family members, Sheridon, the oldest and tallest, the twin girls Terry and Kerry, and Stefan were walking to Debra's workplace. It was quite sunny, too sunny a day for hassle and stress.

“It isn't any nice when you said Michelle was on the phone”, said Sheridon trying to patronise Stefan for being insensitive, which made him look silly for trying to teach a person who couldn't even tie his laces how he was insensitive he was in the first place.

Leah Behind A Fence
There's a secret garden known by few. Nobody knows what it looks like, or why it’s a secret. All they know, is that it’s a secret; that’s the people I heard talking about it.
Balancing Two Girls
In the dream world described in these Excess Rah Style stories, no child is ever abused. Though there is a girl I keep seeing there who acts like she was abused. I take that back.

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