Just sorting my lightning and my lightning bugs.

Elkhart, IN
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About Me

My first instinct was to quote the first line of Catcher in the Rye, "all that David Copperfield kind of crap" but I won't shoot the whole spiel because this is a prime example of why I have joined my first Writer's Community. I am constantly inspired by what I read, and I enjoy writing, but it's intimidating. I sit at my desk and somehow I come up with characters I've already read in other works or lines by other authors. I want to find my own words, and lately, I have become so desperate to find them that I don't even care if my words are good anymore. I’ve lowered my standards. I’ll swim with the gutter words, just as long as they’re mine. Give me the reject words, I’ll try them all on. Good words, bad words, risky words, daring words, fizzy and frothy words, words for it all. And I will string them along in saucy little sentences. And dress them up in make-over montages of genre, and I won’t be afraid to fail, to stumble, to fall. Because I’ll do my falling with stylish words, and my crash landing will by padded by soft, whispery words. I’ll make my failings an enjoyable experience. And if in the course of this experience, my merry band of mischief words should stumble upon a purpose, we may even upgrade to sentences.