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David Winters


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The desert world of Saint George, UT
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About Me

To you, my name is David Winters. I am a poet and lyricist. I enjoy writing most about frightning, horrifying, depressing, absurd, insane, and psychotic scenes. What I write may not make sense to the world, but it makes sense in my world.

I am a cellist, guitarist, violinist, and pianist. To me, music and writing are parallel worlds.

The darkness is a beautiful place. Many fear it, but I indulge in it. Sit, ponder, take a moment and enjoy the dark and peaceful hours of the night.

My favorite time of day is 1:00 AM.
I hate comercialism.

I enjoy interacting with humans who are serious about writing. People who wish to rise up and someday mean something to the world and make a difference. Everyone should dream. It isn't a crime. I do not enjoy people who do not tryfor their dreams because they aren't likely to come true.

I believe in hidden meanings. Some things need to be bluntly stated, but other things, however, can only be correctly communicated indirectly through devices such as metaphors, paribles, similes, music, writing, and art.

I have a love for poetry. Many people say they are sick of the sad and depressionist side of poetry, but my undying love for it keeps me alive. I vent my feelings through my writing, many of which have secret readings.

There are many people in this world who do not care, but if you are still reading this, you must care to some degree or another.

Good luck in your endeavors, my friend. Never let the shadows pass, for you may never see them again.


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Posted 13 Years Ago

Thank you for your lovely feedback...

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Hey, thanks for your review of "An Absurd Affair." I'm glad you enjoyed the disturbia, although I have to say that the scene, as stated was not about description or even the setting for that matter. The piece is all stage direction, not prose, so there is less description of the setting so that a director can add their artistic vision to the scene. But I am glad you enjoyed it and I really appreciate the feedback ^^