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Iloilo, Philippines
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About Me

Those who are born in the Month of March, they said, are fickle and unpredictable. I wonder how they knew. With careful thought, I say it could be attributed to a restless mind. My head is always in the clouds and I couldn't blame the people for thinking that I am dumb. They'd usually get "Huh?", stutters, deaf ears and blank stares. But I couldn't be blamed as well... because dreaming keeps me sane.

I am 18 chronologically, a little older by body, 8 years old by heart, demented by mind and ageless by psyche. There are many odd things that I believe in. Most of which are very different from the prevailing beliefs of the youth. It is not only because I enjoy being a dissenter, I am really conservative. I am a nature lover. I am seriously trying to apply principles of ascetism and transcendentalism in my life. Add "liberal" to that.

Loneliness made me a writer (or an aspiring-to-be). There were very few books at home when I was little though I remembered nights when my Mom would read me stories. No one in the family understood the divine in writing. And it was difficult trudging the earth with no one seeing what you see and hearing what you hear.

Writing is my solace, my refuge (aside from few others). It's the secret garden I built myself to escape the horrors of the world, to sniff some sweet air so I would remember how it is to breathe, to cry and scream which I would be ashamed to do outside it and sometimes... to weave retribution.

And then one day, I discovered that my garden, despite of its beauty, has become too lonely for me.
That is why I am here. I have decided to open my garden's gates.



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Posted 13 Years Ago

you are so sweet, stick around a while will ya?
i'll be looking forward to reading more from you :)
have an awsome night

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Posted 13 Years Ago

hey ole friend, its nice to see you,
what have you been up to?

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Posted 14 Years Ago


Thank you for your kind review of my poem!

Happy writing...


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Posted 15 Years Ago

hi back :P