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About Me

well I live in Oklahoma with my boyfriend of 4 yrs years. I haven't been out here lately, I've been doing a project that I half a*s finished, trying to organize writing and delete things that I do not need.
I am still working on it but am trying to give myself reasons not to just send everything into the recycle bin.
But I know I can't do that,,, some the writing I have saved is stuff that I have copied from friends on another site, with they're permission and it's just in a folder, not posted. Just wanted to be clear that I plagarized nothing.
I am blind out of my right eye,,, I guess you could say I was a defected baby, but mom couldn't go up to the customers service desk with me and a receipt and exchange it... sometimes I wonder if she wished she could. Of course we joke about it, I like to say yeah, I'm weird,,, you expect me to be "normal"?
It has always been normal,,, so if my norm is your weird, then your norm,, my weird? Here's a shining example
Of course, when I was 18 I had an Army recruiter want to talk to me about enlisting in the reserves and I'm sitting there thinking I'm going to join the Army,,, until one day it occured to me that wait my grandpa was colorblind and was rejected by the army for it during ww2,,, so they're not going to accept me.
I write drama fiction, it's kind of hard to explain, it is sort of self help/the uncertainty of life and how it can kick our asses. I like to think really bizzare and extraordinary circumstances and think of ways to make them believeable.
Lane, the main character is the polar opposite of me. I hoped that writing her long enough, she would evenutally become so much apart of me, that she would eventually rub off on me but I guess I need to find a different approach.