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Sydney, Australia
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About Me

I'm just a simple gal from sunny Australia.

I'm twenty going on twelve and love cats more than most of my friends.

I came out of the womb asleep and it has transferred into my adult life.

My life consists of eating, sleeping and trying to find time to learn how to be a functioning adult.

I've been in a relationship for almost two years which still kind of freaks me out, like how has another human being put up with me for this long?!

I mostly read Stephen King and everyday I have an anxiety attack over the fact he is getting old and will one day die.

I have an almost six year old half-brother and two step-sisters, one twelve the other almost eighteen. When I think of them it is just a harsh reminder of how old I'm getting.

I'm a pretty easy going and laid back person and normally get along well with other humans.

I find it disturbing how easy it is to sum my life up in this tiny little the point I'm almost struggling to think of stuff.

Uh, I'm a feminist and a horror movie connoisseur; I like equality and jumpscares. Just kidding, jumpscares are cheap af.

Anyway, that about sums up my minuscule existence. Peace out, fam.

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