Are you tired of getting fussed at? Tired of being the butt of every joke, and never being perfect for your parents? Are you in love with rock music? If you answered any of those questions yes, then you are obligated to join our club. We may not be able to fix any of your problems, but we garuntee to put you in a place where others can relate to how you feel. We are taking control. We need to, the way society is today. Our young people are the future of the nation, and others need to see this. Forums are open for any kind of discussion you wish to have, and rest assured, there will always be replies, either by me, or by some other member. Any kind of writing will be accepted. If you have an oppinion to state, and you wish for others to read your writing, please notify me, and I will send out a message to the other members to read your writing. Thats how awesome our group is. If you are, Hardcore, just press that button now. You know you want to.

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