4 Best Bathroom Tile Options that you Should Consider


Bathroom floor tile is available in wide range of material. Ceramic, vinyl tiles and porcelain are the few options that come to the mind first, the reason they are the most practical options. However, there is wide range of options available today, ranging from stone to cork. Get to know your options through this guide and make your decision-making for bathroom tiles a bit easy.

1. Vinyl Tiles:
Vinyl is widely used bathroom tile material, because of the high degree of practicality it offers, along with the low cost. It is well-suited for every bathroom in the house, from powder room to the master bath. It beats other popular choices for comfort, safety and durability. Vinyl tiles has come a long when it comes to aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.

2. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles:
Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are amongst the finest options when it comes adding a unique touch to your bathroom flooring. Like vinyl, ceramic also require high maintenance, but they are not comfortable with barefoot as vinyl tile. Ceramic tiles are not as easy to install as vinyl.
Ceramic tiles can resist scratches and wear if protected with a high-grade glaze. Moreover, porcelain tiles are harder and have through body-color compared to clay-based tiles. Porcelain tiles are harder than clay-based tiles and possess through-body color, which is an advantage if chipping occurs.

3. Marble Tiles:
When it comes to luxury, there is no other material than marble. Subtle and beautiful, marble is ideal for adding texture to your bathroom design. The classic marble stone works equally well for modern as well as traditional décor schemes and is the right for creating a feature element for your bathroom. Marble tiles need not to be handled with care and is an expensive option, however it add a timeless style to your place.

4. Mosaic Tiles:
Mosaic are trendy, which are becoming the first choice of modern-day bathrooms. Mosaic flooring can be made of a number of tiling materials such as marble, glass and ceramic. The tiles are generally tiny in size and they can be placed together in a way that injects your own personality into home.
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