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This will be a group for people who want to participate in creating a pair of Air Trecks (AT's) from the anime/manga Air Gear. Even if you have never watched/read it, we could still use your help!

For those of you who don't know what At's are, they are basically a pair of inline skates powered by a small motor. When pressure is applied, they move forward. They go faster depending on how much pressure is applied. My explination is a bit dodgy so here's a better one:
Air Trecks or ATs can be generalized as "high-end, customizable, motorized inline skates". They are composed of three major components: Wheel Motor, Hydraulic Cushion System, and Power Injection System. A Braking System is incorporated with most, equipped with a power-lock switch built on the outer sole of the skates. This overrides the acceleration system and enable Air Trecks to operate as normal inline skates as well. However most Riders (Air Treck users) use a Spin-Turn Stop technique, instead of a regular deceleration system to come to rest. However, the speed of Air Trecks are generated proportional to the power of the user's leg; the assist motor accelerates based on the force of a kick.

Air Trecks are simply 'self-propelled shoes equipped with powerful suspension, air cushion systems, and ultra small motors in the wheels'. Generally, Air Trecks are very expensive (running normally ¥100,000 a pair), requiring regular maintenance and tuning. Each pair is installed with a special data support network via a program called R.E.A.D, which allows Riders to access performance data on another Rider from the data stored on the memory card inserted inside the AT.

The biggest "thrill" of Air Trecks is the precisely calibrated air cushion system, which gives these self-propelled trick skates their juice, allowing the Riders to "fly".

Yeah... Probably won't worry about the air cushion system. We don't really need to ride up Tokyo Tower just yet...

People have been talking about making a pair of these for god knows how many years now, but it still hasn't happened :(
All contributions will be greatly appreciated!

One thing I do ask is that no one talks negative about the project or puts anyone down. I've read forum threads about making a pair of AT's and people are quick to attack the project. Anyone found doing this will be removed from the group.

So please, help create this long anticipated dream into a reality.

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sounds cool

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