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Writing to Reality? (Making your own Anime/Manga?)

12 Years Ago

(I've been posting this in a few of the other anime groups, but no responses yet.  I thought I'd check out this group and see what people think)

I thought this might be a good place to ask this question. 

Has anyone ever tried make any kind of actual Anime/Manga?  Not professionally I mean, but just a sort of independent thing, maybe on their own website or posted on a portal site somewhere? use to have some decent anime-style flash cartoons a few years ago (though I think that site is out of control these days). 

I've been working on a series for several years now, but I've never been able to find any willing talent or creative partners that will stick around long enough to complete anything.  I've even become pretty handy at flash and photoshop, but my minimal artistic talent keeps me from striving on by myself.  I have several episodes/issues fully scripted, and an outline filling out 3 seasons worth of content, not to mention all the background, history and other related writings based on this same setting and characters.  But I've yet to get anywhere past the concept art phase. 

Has anyone out there even attempted something similar?  Any success?  Any common roadblocks encountered?  I love writing, but I would love even more to be able to see my story played out in a visual medium someday.  Anyone else in the same boat?