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Swing your genre contest

16 Years Ago

Hi all, I apologize for posting this without really knowing you yet. I will, I promise! I'm hosting a contest called swing your genre over at Here's the specs. I thought it might be a fun thing to do in the new year.

Ok this contest requires that you sign up beforehand. We're going to put different genre's in Paul's (ST's Editor) fabulous cowboy hat. We'll then draw genres which will be matched to names. In other words let's say Gifford signs up first... well then he'll be the first genre/name match. I'm going to put every genre I can think of in the bag. The exception will be Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy, and Speculative. The idea here will be to step out of your comfort zone.

We haven't exactly decided on a prize yet so I'd be willing to donate a first copy of Chaise (which will be out in February).

Email your submissions to [email protected] with a cc to [email protected]. You have a month to write this. I don't care how long or short-do whatever makes you happy.

Votes (only ST members can vote) will be weighted 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Staff will give extra points for the best edited works in the same order of 1-2-3. I say that in hopes that some of you will take the time to revise once or twice before sending your stuff in.

Having said that, I'm not editing anything. You send me s**t it's going on the board as s**t. Sorry but I just don't have the time. Once I recieve all of the entries, they'll be posted anonymously so that the community may vote.

Here's the list of genre's i'll be working with: Adventure, children's, crime, historical fiction, personal essay, non fiction, romance, western, mystery, religious, new age, pop culture, teen, EROTICA, Slipstream, Slice-Of-Life Vignette, amateur sleuth, cozy, police procedural/forensic, private eye or Hardboiled, the Whodunit, Suspense, Espionage/Intrigue, Thriller, Contemporary, Humor/Satire, Gay/Lesbian, Military/War, Occult . And as Larry pointed out, don't turn your pick into a version of Western Horror or Gay and Lesbian Sci Fi.

You can sign up as a member at ST then go to the contest board and let me know you're in before the Jan 2, 2007.