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Could YOUR book, eBook, memoir, or story idea (synopsis) be ready for a big screen movie? An exciting journey! We are constant AWARD winning screenplay writers, and work is done for our writing fee only. We are IMDb award winning film producers too. We write PROFESSIONAL MOVIE and TV screenplays from books, eBooks, or from story ideas/a synopsis! Could YOUR book, memoir, eBook, or story idea be a future movie on the big screen, and on TV channels: LIFETIME, HBO, DISNEY, etc.? We have received 100s (YES! 100s!!!!) of prestigious BEST SCREENPLAY awards and BEST FILMS at film festivals! 25 new awards in 2019! WIN awards for BEST SCREENPLAY awards at: CANNES, NY FILM AWARDS, LA FILM AWARDS, MOSCOW & INDIA FILM FEST, HOLLYWOOD BLVD. FILM FEST., LA Screenplay Awards, & CA. MOVIE AWARDS, ROYAL WOLF FF., MINDFIELD FF., LAS VEGAS FA., etc. Producers want PROFESSIONAL scripts written by our multi-award winning IMDb film producers/screenwriters like us. Your fast FREE quote, email me at: [email protected] - [email protected] This is a script writing service for our fee only, nor any work done for promised percentages, no work done on spec or for free. No book reviews and NO book reading done before being hired to write the script.

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