Book Authors Interested In The 2012 U.s. Presidential Elections


This group to all those interested in the 2012 Presidential Elections. If you are a Mike Huckabee Fan, then you've found the right place. All book authors who are interested in Mike Huckabee, here is a open invitation to join the Huckabee Fan Club. There is a book club on the site and all book authors get to display their book on the site.

The Fan Club has a gigantic market of Huckabee Fans from all over the globe. 50 States of Huckabee Fans that currently span nearly 12% of all the counties in America plus 11 Nations. Before 2012 arrives the goal is to achieve a Huckabee Fan from every county in America. So if you are a book author and you are interested in Mike Huckabee then please stop by and tell us about your book.

Visit the Huckabee Fan Club at: >>>

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