Brain Surgery.


Basically, this group has to do with a lot of reviewing and helping each other see our flaws in writing, without coming off as jack-asses. Or constructive criticism. You guys can basically write about anything you want...I'm pretty conservative on a lot of stuff, and a little liberal on some stuff so I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I am sure that people of all races and genders in America already do have equal rights, that new age thinking became rubbish when people actually did earn those rights and I still hear people complaining. But do what you want, Another thing is too...if you dont' have the time or the concentration or simply the will to care about what other people have to say, then get out, no offense, but this isn't a site for praise and oohs and ahs.

We'll do contests and stuff for writings on certain subjects or whatever.. jesus this is the longest description ever, f**k it.

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Are you the best? contest


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I wonder...

R. Gene MacDonald

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Another thing

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So I guess I should host events and stuff.

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