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Falling For Your Best Guy Friend

11 Years Ago

I'm writing this post to get comments or advice on my situtation I'm currently going through. Friday night before the football game, my best guy friend Ryan, texted him and I asked him if that he was going to the game. He said yes! He doesn't go to our school but he still wanted to go to see all of us anyways. His eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw me. He told me I looked good, and we were flirting all night. Everyone kept asking if we were dating and I told them no even though we both in our minds said YESS! He even wanted to make out behind the bleachers, which I didn't want to. For like three reasons. 1)My daddy was two steps away. 2)I haven't had my first kiss yet. 3) Didn't want anyone to catch us. I had to deny his offer even though a part of me didn't want to. One of my best friends, BriAnna, got my phone and told him off that I'm too good for him. Because after awhile he kept begging and pleading for me to kiss him. He got upset about the text BriAnna sent him. I apologized to him and when I got in the car he texted me and asked where was I at? I said in the parking lot. He told me to wait because he wanted to give me a good-bye hug. I felt bad because we were already headed out onto the highway. We kept texting back and forth and eventually our true feelings for each other came out and he asked if I want to start "talking". Wow, right? A guy I was best friends with last year, is now a possible boyfriend for me soon this year. God does work miracles even in my insane life ;)