Broken hearts United!


Hello, this group was created for all the people out there in the world that has had their heart broken. If you feel as if your heart will never mend, and you're empty then just know you're not alone. Trust me. I'm right there with you! Love has both positive and negative sides to it. I've witnessed both, but more of the bad. That's why I've been saying "I hate love", what's the point of it? It's stupid! But love isn't stupid really. I just haven't found the right person and that's your reason too, I'm quite sure. I've been researching the true way in being complete again, but the truth is there isn't. Just follow the pieces of your heart that's left and go from there! Here's a start: grab a piece of paper, pen or pencil, close your eyes, and let your words flow from all of your emotions. Whenever you complete your masterpiece, feel free to post it onto our group's page. You can share up to three pieces of your work. Don't stress out, you can also send read requests to me too. I'll be sure to check them out. Also, please leave new threads for all of the group members to read and reply with their best knowledge! I'm a consistent member of writerscafe and will always check up on "Broken hearts united". If you have any further questions or needing any advice, you know what to do! ;)
Thank you for joining :D

Ashley Rivers--Dream BIG and you'll win BIG:)

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