Certified Filipino Contributors


We are Filipinos.
Talented, congenial, easily pleased.
We have our weaknesses and faults, but we are never afraid to try.
We have a rich history, colorful culture, and beautiful land.

Our country has been quite in the spotlight lately, but not in the way we would have liked.
The Benguet bus accident.
The corruption. Ineffective government. Bloody encounters. Poverty.

And who has not heard about the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking drama? We all have.

And although Venus Raj won a crown from the recent Miss Universe, it's still not enough to cover up the entire patch of stain that's already eating up our front. We have to stand up and speak out.

You can start here.
Write anything. What's on your mind always counts.

We are Filipinos, contributors here, contributors to the world, and contributors to the future.

We relish the freedom our heroes have fought for us in the past.
We live the present, still believing that there's hope and change for the Philippines.
And through it all, we are taking care of the next generation.

We are talented.
We express.
We relate.
We learn.

And here in WC, we write.

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