Cruel Critique Club


This is a member only Group.

To join, write a thoughtful accurate and constructive critique of a piece of fiction somewhere on this site. (not poetry) Any genre is fine, we aren't that picky.

We will review your critique, and approve your membership based on its quality.

Every member must post at least one piece of fiction to the group. Every member must critique as many pieces posted here as possible, ideally every piece.

If you rate the work you are critiquing. (x/100) then you must state your rating at the bottom of your critique, and your rationale for that rating. It is assumed that anything over 85% should be rushed to the nearest agent to start the bidding war for the movie rights; and anything under 15% suggests that the writer should delete and restart from scratch.

Anyone who reviews another members work in this group with an "I love it, very good, etc." and no critical content, gets bounced.

We're here to LEARN from each other and improve our craft! If this isn't what you want - don't apply.

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