Divided World of Idumea


I'm developing a roleplaying board game and I'm in a serious need of help. Me my self, I'm not too much of writer for longer stories. This is why I need You!

The world of Idumea is gray and empty as it is now. Each world needs stories of it's own. Each world needs colors. Each world needs Life on it's surface. This is why I need You!

About the stories when in-game:
There will be main story and hopefully MANY and again MANY side stories to make the world as immersive as possible. In roleplaying genre the possibility of making choices which affect to the story is EXTREMELY important. In the final product there will be many different endings to one story. If writing an interactive story sounds too challenging You may write normal story also. I/We take care of the interactivity here OR You ppl as an online community can expand each other's stories.

Actual request:
Primary needs:
-Main story [I will give you a starting point and some backgrounds. From that point on You are free to create a story You see fit. Of course there can be only one main story so think this part as a "writing competition" ;) Never the less DO NOT forget the interactivity element! Your story might still end up being one string in this gigantic web!]

Secondary needs:
-Character profiles [Create vivid personalities, characters and biographies. World without ppl in it is pretty boring. Single characters might also be a source of stories!]
-Side stories [God gave us freedom to choose what ever we want. I will not take that freedom away from You!]

Tertiary needs:
-World lore and history

I will provide any information about the world I've got to give.


!!THIS IS IMPORTANT: About the copyright issues!!

You as an original writer have ALL rights to Your work. It will not be used without Your permission. It will not be used in any other context outside this game project.

When You send me material I as a developer/producer am allowed:
-to publish the material whenever and where-ever in the game context. (Includes possible web pages, forums, social networks, journals, blogs, videos, slideshows, pamflets, flyers, posters, books etc. concerning the game and its development) I will not claim the material made by me. YOUR NAME, ALIAS or SIGNATURE WILL BE VISIBLE TO POINT YOU AS AN ORIGINAL AUTHOR!
-to use a writing as a whole or to use parts or details of it
-to alter, modify, change or enhance some details and parts in the writing

If You have ANY questions concerning legal/copyright issues please send me e-mail and lets discuss about it! The question You have may affect Your fellow writers also!


This game will not be ready to go commercial for few years yet since I'm making this as a "hobby" while completing my studies. BUT when this game is perfect and ready to go commercial I will do every effort to reward every contributor in this project! This is why, please, in addition to releasing Your work here in Writerscafe.org send Your writing to my e-mail ([email protected]) also and include Your information to the message.

PRIVACY: I will NOT share any of Your information with any third party without Your permission. I will use Your information ONLY:
-to inform You about the game development concearning You
-to answer your questions
-(to stay in touch if be become friends ;D)

Thank You for Your contribution to this project! Let's make an unique world together!

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