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Radiesthesia and Radionics and Geomancy!

11 Years Ago

What are Radiesthesia and Radionics?

To start with Radiesthesia is a form of Parapsychological, in that it a natural born ability to detect Radiation within a living Body?

All living things transmit a detectable form of Radio wave and radiation, this a natural form of electromagnet electricity that some times takes the form of an Aura or multi coloured form of radiating halo like aura!

A Frenchman by the name of Alfred Bovis all so known as Antoine. 1871. To. 1847. Formed a set of rules that have become known as the Bovis Scale and can be used by Dowsers and Feng Shui Geomancers

(Feng shui or Feng Shway, Feng in Chinese means wind and Shui means water, the interaction of two separate elements
thus brings harmony to both).

The Bovis scale allows the user to form a measurement of Electro Magnetic Radiation that is being transmitted at any one time by a given living object.

The Bovis Scale is a preset written scale of numbers, a number such 6.500 would be seen as natural or normal, lower number in the scale would be considered to effect the natural energy flow of the human body, and higher numbers more positive, any number above 10.000 would be considered places of power?

The Dowser, Geomancer or Feng Shui use’s a preset set of rules that postulate that each living life for produces a natural Electromagnetic form of radiation, this radiation can be detected using a Dowsing Pendulum or dowsing tool, the dowsing tool acts like a barometer that shows to current or frequencies being transmitted by the object you are dowsing?

Given that it is now scientifically accepted that everything formed on the place we call our home Mother Earth has a natural decay rate. (Carbon Dating). This decaying energy can be measured by the amount of carbon left within the object being explored?

Radionics is the actual measurement of all things living both past and present, given that through the process of self absorption, through the process of decaying matter, whether it is mineral in form or living in natural origin, through the process of Time, from the moment of our Cosmos being formed. (The Big Bang).

The sum total of everything that was formed at that long forgotten moment has through the passage of time, formed then reformed itself into many different forms of material and actual matter, thus the sum total of energy of everything that was made at that moment, so long ago, is still their, but perhaps now can be seen as a different form!

The Christian Burial services become a good example of this natural evolution and describes in detail the actual absorption and reformation, self evolution in the funereal and burial sermon for a Christian?

Christian Burial write or marking of passing over uses the lines found in the Bible of “Ashes to ashes and Dust to dust Earth to earth”, clearly showing man’s basic understanding of the natural way all living matter is absorbed and becomes something else, given that the basic rules of all living and natural Evolutions is the same and the adaptation of living form to the natural Environmental condition to be found around, it is perhaps the same with all aspects both Mineral and Vegetable, a sort of mix and match thus slowly changing to the passage of time to become something totally different!

Radionics is thus the mechanical means of measuring this self regenerating energy, recording each individual frequencies of electromagnetic energy being transmitted using a form of Bovis Scale you can measure then record the natural amount of fluctuating energy being transmitted?

From Feng Shui to Geomancy and Radiesthesia all are basically the same a Tool of Natural Environmental Science!

The given energy and flow of all living things to the decaying matter of ever-changing mineral material that slowly becomes self absorbed into the ground bellow!

Using a Dowsing tool, say a Pendulum you can search for and then perhaps measure the natural electromagnet ebb and flow, the dowser interacts with their dowsing tool not unlike a metal detector, in the same way Radar and Sonar are able to transmit then receive and find what ever you have decided to search for?

When a person uses dowsing as a means of communication, firstly the actual interaction of a persons Karmic Spirit and secondly the total flow and interaction of the dowser and the tools they are personally using to dowse with!

Such interaction comes from deep within a person’s soul, for all Human forms have the natural born ability to dowse, and with thought in mind any budding dowser has more than the World at their finger tips, for a dowser actually uses their fingers hands to hold or clasp the tools they find themselves dowsing with?

Given that if you find yourself reading this some what dyslexic text, you might already have some idea in how to dowse and what form of Dowseing tool you personally like to use?

From dowsing Y Fork to L Rods and Dowsing wands, Pendulum and perhaps if you are naturally gifted you can use parts of your body to dowse with?

Dowsing using the Human body as both the dowsing tool and the controlling means of search and detect, Radionics takes on a more singular form of dowsing in that it is possible to dowse for health, from a actual dowsing search for health issues that could be viewed in the sense that each Negative issues of health found will come across like hot spots and the more positive finding will come across as cold spots!

The intensity of both positive and negative issues of health may be viewed as a kind of Bovis meter, a scale of numbers one to ten, the more negative findings will show a higher reading, you can then use the same number count to dowse to find the kind of health issues that are to be found hidden deep within the actual human body, as in any form of dowsing, from Body dowsing, Pendulum, the use of L rods and Y Forks to the use of a dowsing wand, the actual action and medium of control will show in a singular movement or sweep for each level of search pattern?

A good example would be the use of a dowsing pendulum and the basic Yes and No question and answer mode, say if you are dowsing to find Water, you would need to find first it’s location, then it’s depth, and natural level of flow in Gallons per minute, to the kind of water to be found, I it of drinkable quality, is it salty or brackish in the actual taste, or has it been contaminated by unwelcome types of fluids that will be harmful to all if drunk, well using the above basic Bovis meter as a scale and a dowsing pendulum, or any other form of dowsing tool to be at hand, using a dowsing pendulum in the basic yes and No mode and asking the question of say location, the water then perhaps be found when the pendulum swing into the yes directional mode, then will swing more reputably the closer you get to the actual site that the water will be found?

From using a swing or movement scale of numbers from one to ten, then perhaps a higher rate say of ten to a hundred, and if needed a evan higher scale of a hundred and a above and do on?

I t all depends on the amount the Pendulum or Dowseing tools reacts either in a yes and no swing pattern or in the case of actual Body Dowsing the increased or decrease of actual sensation and perhaps intensity of warmth and cold sensations to the parts of the body the dowser feels able to use!

From Dowsing for Health issues it can also be possible to dowse you’re the natural ignorance of the food you daily using the same format as in dowsing for health issues using a basic form of Bovis meter, numbered from one to ten you can pendulum dowse each kind of food you are going to use, evan perhaps using dowsing to chose each actual kind of food product you are going to buy, then cook if needed then eat?

From dowsing for health issues and also dowsing your food you daily eat, it is then possible to dowse your home or property you live in, Given the actual Historical past of the ground and evan land around a House or home may be built on, From the earliest violent moments to the big bang when our Cosmos was born and formed, to the actual slow passing of time, the Planet we all live upon called the Earth, will slowly absorb all that happens , from the ground bellow to the earth, rocks and sea, the sky that flows above us all?

Given that the Earth is basically made up of Carbon based mineral and Vegetable matter, in the passing of each moment of Historical event and actual time, the earth will to some degree self record over and over again the daily events that take palace , from the natural earth violence of earthquake, tidal flow or volcanic eruption, to movement of all living things, each aspect of daily happening is self recorded, from Tribal Battles to Murder, Birth death and the historical moment of daily event, each aspect is ten absorb in the daily cause and effect flow of natural evolution and daily living, from the moment of each happening, like foot prints left on a tidal wet sandy beach, that may be slowly faded away, distorted and positive or negatively altered, each evan from Ley lines that flow around the land, to historical happening, now a building is also made up of some form of carbon based material and will also absorb the happening of historical time and movement of daily event, with such electromagnetic flow and the recoding of both sound and actual motion, like a old fashioned movie picture that can be accessed when the right sort of action takes, like pieces of a zig saw puzzle, when all the pieces are placed together a image will be shown, then when the puzzle is broken up the puzzle does not become lost, but awaits the correct action of movement of time to act like a key unlocking a gate or a doorway, a portal of forgotten past can than be seen!

For this to happen the persons and families that may daily use such a place, will at times act like keys to that forgotten past, with this in mind it is possible for all living things placed on or within such a building or home to be dramatically effected in both a negative and positive way, from the water that may be deeply hidden to the actual recoding of historical action and past will then at times, alter the harmony and flow that is need to being good health and perhaps actually happiness and joy to all the living things using the land and perhaps the place they call their homes?

I call the negative and positive energy fields of Electromagnetic flow, Hidden Secrets. Thus each locked away energy field will radiate and perhaps harm all the living things trying to share the land and all the buildings placed upon it?

It is possible to reverse the negative polarity of such energy fields, but in my person view is to only due so if you are going to continue to do so, perhaps also instructing the souls that may at some future time and moment on how to do so?

Sadly their may be hidden dangers in the long term alteration of Radiesthesia and the Natural underlying electromagnetic fields that perhaps have always been there, thus I feel to dowse first to find out if this is so, thus it might be more forthcoming to alter the way the land or property and buildings are used, Our Planet our home Mother Earth is very much alive and regularly, evan daily it can be seen for Her to be some what upset at the way some of Humankind may be treating and abusing her trust, thus I feel if you are going to try and alter in the short term the polarity of a given site and the buildings placed upon it, is to first ask permission to do so, and next abide by the answer you may be given!

If you then are seen to have ignored such an answer, I feel you personally will be held in some way totally responsive for such action Mother Earth may deem fit to punish you with!

Now given Mother Earth has granted you permission to continue the short term flow of electromagnetic polarity, there are several ways to do so!

The first being giving the land and the building built on it a sort of gift or present; this could be something simple such as asking to land around to provide such a gift, firstly go and look for say some small pieces of tree fallings, firstly ask permission before actually taking such a free offering, for it is not actually free and has been placed their by nature for a reason?

You now have say a straight piece of branch say a 24 inches in length and perhaps a quarter of a inch in width, what you are going to is a form of Feng shui, Geomancy and is a kind of natural Earth Acupuncture, like Acupuncture given say to help manage pain in a Human, the form of Earth healing you are about to share is both a offering and a blessing, the offering is the actual short length of branch or twig is the Acupuncture needle, and the blessing is the actual thought or reason behind the need to alter the polarity of a given energy field?

The kind of Earth natural Acupuncture I am describing here is best done to the land around your home, your Garden or the surrounding ground say at the place you may work,

The next aspect of such natural use of Earth Acupuncture is to also give a sort of gift, perhaps something small and personal to you, in my case I use some Crystal Tumble stones that can be bought either from a Crystal shop, or perhaps online via such a site as eBay, this small Crystal Tumble stone , depending on the type of crystal used will act like a messenger Crystal that holds deep within it natural fabric the ability to record and hold such message and thoughts till the actual time the crystal may be cleansed and the message erased!

I personally wear such a Crystal that has been fashioned in a way that does not harm the crystal thus allowing me to wear the Crystal around my neck by using a silver chain, I daily cleans and load my crystal pendant secret massager crystal with thoughts and perhaps due to my personal health issues and my daily fears!

By firstly assigning a crystal type and then preloading the thoughts or desire within the actual crystal structure it becomes possible for a short period of time to alter the Negative and Positive energy fields left by some long forgotten event that has taken place upon the land and ground around, in doing so you can bring a sort of harmony and perhaps a livable feeling of goodness and wellbeing to the actual site or place that you have left both the Natural Acupuncture stick and the preloaded Crystal tumble stone, do though remember to again ask permission to leave such a crystal, also explain the reasons why, and perhaps the time you will return to retrieve both the Acupuncture stick and the crystal offering?

Now given that you may now have placed your offering and it has been accepted in the manner it is intended to be received, their will come a time when such a offering has to be removed, again it is wise to ask permission to do so, in some cases I have found that Mother earth wants to keep your crystal but wishes the act of natural Earth Acupuncture to finish, please thank our Earth Mother before removing the stick then perhaps take the stick back to the place it was found and also thank the Trees around for allowing you to use the piece of tree falling, it is wise thought to cleans the stick by saying just thank you and then just gentle place on the ground!

The second kind of short term alteration of Electromagnetic flow will need you to again use Crystal tumble stones as a messenger crystal, the actual action of this means you preamp dowsing say someone’s home using a room by room drawing of such a home, due ask the person who has supplied the home drawing to include each rooms usage, and also why they feel their home or internal work space needs such healing, once you have such a drawing and the actual usage at hand it then possible to absent map dowse each room from wall to wall, asking spirit first for permission to do so, then using say a pendulum that has been preloaded to seek out the Positive and negative Polarity of the ground and land the property and buildings are placed built upon, the amount of Geopathic Stress can then be measured and perhaps be quantified.

(Geopathic Stress comes from the Greek word Geo meaning Earth and Pathic meaning Disease!).

A good example of Geopathic stress would be if a child bedroom was directly placed above the site of a negative Sour underground stream, depending on where the child bed is place could cause dramatic interactions of the ground and water with the Child natural ability to live in a safe and harmonious way, such illness have been recorded were a Childs or adults health has gone in to a decline, only to return to normal after being safely removed to a hospital, only to return when the child starts to interact with the room again, the British Society of Dowser have several instances recoded in the pastor such happenings, the Author W H Trinder mentions in his book called Dowsing published for W H Trinder by The British Society of Dowsing in the year 1939. He mention several cases of people suffering illness and ill health due to living close by or directly over underground bodies of hidden water, only to be seen and found out later that the health problems had seamed to have gone away when they moved themselves from the building causing them health issues!

Another sort of Geopathic stress that has been seen to be a actual recording of several seconds of trapped Time, an actual living event that happened in the UK in the year of 1953.

This clearly shows how the past can clearly be seen to interact with actual living soul who are getting about there daily live not expecting or perhaps not wanting such events to be graphically replayed to them?

have taken this Quotation from a Website called as it clearly shows and describes a actual playback of sound and full colour of a actual event that happened on a Roman road, before the City of York was yet to be born, I apply feel it shows in full such a playback event and to some degree proves that the earth does hold and record such happening, the Roman Soldiers are long gone, but not Ghost, just a fleeting passing of a time slip that aloud the Young Apprentice to see the Soldiers marching in all their glory!

In 1953 a apprentice plumber was working in the cellar of a building called the Treasure house in York City England when he heard the sound of a Horn being played, this got louder and louder and then all of a sudden a horse complete with rider, the rider wore and armor which was normally worn by Roman Soldiers, a column of Soldiers dressed in green tunics, with armor and plumed helmets, carrying shields and spears, one soldier had a long trumpet which explained the sound of the Horn being played, as the soldiers approached a strange thing was that their feet were not visible!

They walked across the basement towards a recently archeological excavated site, it had been discovered that Treasure house was built on the top of the site of a Roman road that was some 15” Inches bellow the level of the Treasure house basement floor; the soldiers were actually walking directly on the road, which explains why their feet and lower legs could not be seen.

Clearly this happening in York England in 1953 did not actually shown any direct health Issues from the past, but it does show a actual link to the long forgotten moment of Historical past and our then present time 1953.

I personally do believe in Ghost and actual Haunting, the above clearly is shown to a flash back to the past, perhaps a good number of Ghost sightings could be explained away with such happening, there are many such recorded happening of Ghost Armies fighting battles, Ghost Ships and many more than I could perhaps share with you here?
We of humankind daily alter our living landscape to fit our individual needs, Ancient man through the daily need to perhaps get from one place to another in the quickest means possible have left a indelible mark on our landscape, we have a natural need to justify everything we do, thus over a passage of natural time we leave imprints in the past, such imprints become like beacons allowing other to follow, if over say a few hundred years or so the Spirituality and spiritual needs of all those Souls become as one with the land around who have had the need to follow the Spiritual calling, thus others who truly lead will actual build real markers that record that journey, called Track ways of a distant time, these track ways have become to be known as Ley Lines!

What are Ley lines, well one sunny day on the 30th June 1921 Alfred Watkins the Businessman and Magistrate and renowned amateur inventor and Photographer come folklore expert, was visiting a place called Blackwardine near Hereford and stopped to look at his Map for places of interest, he felt curious about the place as a whole and noticed on his map lines that passed over hill tops through a number of places of interest and found that all of these points of interest were all ancient, then without any warning he felt a blinding light and his mind became flooded with images of these places thus forming one coherent plan, as the brightness slowly lifted from his minds eye he saw that over the passing of ancient time that the lines were all marked out by sighting marks upon the tops of each passing hill thus allowing the ancient traveler to travel in a some what straight line, each point or Lay as he later pended them were marked by experts from a long forgotten pasts to form track ways, thus formed in Watkins mind a whole plan of tracks, the Old straight track system formed and used to aid the passing traveler to go from point to point in a way that would enable them to directly travel from place to place, each track route passed on from one to another at a time when writing and maps had never been invented.

From that moment in 1921 till his death 14 years later aged 65 in the year 1935. Watkins explored and studied the lines of Ley and mapped all the interconnecting lines and track ways that flowed through the landscape of Britain, His original thoughts and papers were first published in a short book in 1925 called early British track ways and later by other written works on track ways, then in 1927 he published a book called the Ley hunters manual, since then many others writers have written and published other works on Track ways or Ley lines to the point that it is now generally excepted that our distant ancestors had a great understanding of the hidden pathways of earth energy and built their Spiritual and sacred sights upon the lines to mark each sights important, places like Avebury and Stonehenge and many more, it is now generally excepted that other ancient cultures across our globe called the world, from the Aztecs and Maya people to the many tribes of central American Indian to the ancient Chinese people who formed a understanding of similar lines and track ways called Dragon lines hat became the foundation of Feng Shui.

Given that Feng Shui is an Environmental Science and the usage and basic understanding of how the Earth Magnetic lines of Ley or Dragon lines interact with all aspects of our lives and how we also interact with the World around, it is a natural way of bringing balance and harmony to all that allows all to prosper and grow!

The Dowser interacts with the energy hidden within thus transferring and unlocking a natural born ability of extra sensory perception, thus the dowser and the chosen dowsing tool becomes as one and when and if the dowser pre-programmes their dowsing tool to search and interact with the energy fields that surrounds us all they can explore and find, perhaps also interact with the energy lines found below!

Given that lines of Ley or Ley lines are the actual natural energy roads and pathways that interlock and flow around the Blue and green globe we call the planet earth our natural home?

Ley lines transmit both positive and negative flows of electrical energy flow and in the passage of both natural and Historical time lock into the historical past and record of the Land below, from the beginnings of our know time “The Big bang” the moment when our Solar system and the plant we call Earth was formed the sum total of all original matter that was formed upon that long forgotten time still has valid natural form, from each electrical Atom and Molecule that was originally and made, the actual amount of substance is still the same!

All that is different is that over the period of natural historical time how it has been transformed and interacted with elements to be found around?

Example. All living things that can be found on the planet Earth are basically of a Carbon and mineral water life form, thus when each living thing comes to the natural end of a given life span and Passes over or dies it slowly will reform into the natural elements that they were originally formed from. The Christian Burial write of marking of passing over uses the lines found in the Bible of “Ashes to ashes and Dust to dust Earth to earth”, clearly showing man’s basic understanding of the natural way all living matter is absorbed and becomes something else, given that the basic rules of all living and natural Evolutions is the same and the adaptation of living form to the natural environmental condition to be found around, it is perhaps the same with all aspects both Mineral and Vegetable, a sort of mix and match thus slowly changing to the passage of time to become something totally different, Alfred Watkins surely had this aspect in mind when he originally formed the thought of the Ley lines and the Great straight line, track ways from the forgotten past, lines that enclose and surround us all for early man had a clear given understanding of this knowledge when they laid the original foundation for Spiritual sites like Stonehenge.

Ley lines and Dowsing.

given that when you dowse you are interacting and self empower your set dowsing tools to lock onto aspects of hidden energy or thought, depending on the original thought or desire behind the search, even the kind of aspect you desire to dowse for will narrow the response you are likely to find, but when you dowse and search for aspects of Ley energy lines you narrow the search pattern to a number of different aspect, the first being what actually makes you feel that there is a hidden Ley line, what do you actually see in the ground and land around, what can be found on a Ordnance survey map of the land you are dowsing, is there a Spiritual site near by or other places that usually can be found close by a Ley line, what kind of line you might find hidden within the ground below, is the line a Positive or is it off negative flow, what direction does the line flow and what other aspects could effecting the line of Ley, from the natural flow of hidden or known river or stream or even the Sea or lake, is the ground dry or wetlands and is the land around you hilly or is it made up of flat ground.

Given that a Ley lines is made up of either Positive or Negative Electrical charge and flow and the fact you can find several different kinds of Energy flow, from a Ghosting or mirror and echo effect of a the line to the actual flow of parallel lines running in tandem, the lines will be seen to cross at some point and you will need to know what kind of electrical charge each line is made up of, you need to be able to dowse in a set way that allows you to form a grid pattern, two German Doctors named Hartman and Curry came up with a grid formation and pattern that if marked out as you dowse in a pattern not unlike an noughts and crosses grid that will allow you to slowly form the direction of line of flow.

When you dowse using the flow chart method you will need to form an actual straight-line grid pattern, (“See the small drawing above”). When you dowse using the grid pattern ask the basic Yes or No question to actual line of flow, using line and markers to show the actual type and direction of line flow.

By dowsing in this way you form a visual marker map firstly by dowsing a straight line to find out where the Ley line starts, once you have found the actual line it is then possible to form a direction of flow, from asking the basic question of Yes or No then locking in and dowsing asking is the line form Positive Yes or Negative No.

You can use coloured ribbons to mark the type of flow, from Red for Positive and perhaps Black for negative, perhaps using a different colour to mark the direction of flow by also using a Mapping Compass you will be able to note the actual Compass Row direction of each flow, from North, South, East and West,


W. E.


Noting known landmarks and places of Historical interest, you can cross-reference your actual markings and direction of flow on tracing paper that can be overlaid to an actual Map; it is then possible to form actual track ways and lines of Ley.

Once you have clearly mapped the direction and types of the given found Ley line it is possible to dowse again for other hidden aspects that may actually affect the natural flow of energy, from hidden Archaeological remains to watercourses and other factors hidden deep within the ground.

Ley lines may in themselves cause actual imbalances to the ground around thus cause negative or sour land, if a building was built upon such land the souls living within would find their health directly affected in a most negative unhealthy way.

This is why the Chinese use Feng Sui to map and plan all aspects that would affect the land and the way a new building is actually laid out.

Ley lines or track ways perhaps go hand in hand in that early Man accepted the fact that such flows of energy actually had valid substance, they built many Spiritual sites to worship and perhaps enhance the flowing energy found in the ground below, in the passage of natural Historical Time Straight line track ways form to clearly mark the easiest route to follow the Ley lines from junction to junction, thus Ley lines are not unlike a huge Electronic Railway line directing both the Earths natural flow and the living Souls to travel to and fro.

When you dowse and search for a hidden Ley line you lock into the natural flow of the Earths Electrical Magnetic pathways, thus you can lock into the passage of a forgotten Time, perhaps also to a Time and a place yet to happen, given that both Lines of Ley and Dowsing are natural tools of Electrical interaction, both transmit and receive, the Ley lines transmits and conducts a natural Electrical flow of Energy both Positive and Negative, thus encircling the World in a Giant Electrical grid pattern that connects and protects all that live upon the Planet we call the Earth, our Planet is a living thing, both organic and of mineral flow all have substance and have locked within the actual sum total of everything that was and everything that will be, like all living things the World can and does become very Sick and ill, from Geopathic stress Syndrome to the natural inner flow of the earths molten core, the Tectonic plates that are sitting on top if not floating and crashing slowly towards each other causing the Earth to tremble and shudder, from the Moon and Sun that control our daily lives to the Ocean Sea and tidal flow and the rain that brings to all refreshing taste of fresh clear water, all leave a permanent mark and historical record upon ground that we some times build our lives and homes!

When you Dowse and search for lines of hidden Ley you will find clearly written upon the ground above and hidden deep below a sometimes long forgotten written Historical record of both all Living kind and our Worlds actual past.

So we of human kind must learn to read the Hidden signs and lines of forgotten Ley, interact and self heal both our lives and the Ground both above and below, so be thy self be true, take ownership of your personal actions, for our planet can not truly heal her self but at times does warn us all that live above to listen and learn and take action then perhaps live in Harmony with Mother Earth.

I am still in the process of writing this article that will soon I hope become part of a set of greater works, that when placed together will form my first book!

© Bryan J C Courtney & Dowsing Simplicity. 2008.