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It was the best of Prologues; it was the worst of Prologues

16 Years Ago

I'm having trouble deciding whether I should go with my first prolouge which is oriented on providing the reader with many details of my world or if I should go with my second prologue which is more character oriented and gives less information.

I'm wondering if there might be a third way.

The first prologue: pros and cons 1) I'd have to rewrite some intense sections of information that are basically another spouting of the details. 2) I'd give the reader all the information s/he needs up front. 3) that same information is a bit boring 4) I have to figure out how to keep the reader turning pages.

The second prologue: 1) it's more character driven so the reader is more willing to keep reading 2) It lacks alot of information in the first prologue 3) It's one of the few times we see this character 4) I just don't know if it gives the best introduction to my world.

Both prologues are availble on my WC page. Just follow the link.