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This is a group for anyone who write fantasy or enjoys works of fantasy that convey some sort of deeper meaning, something which you have to dig behind the words to find. Fantasy on the surface is a fun, surreal voyage through impossible worlds and circumstances, yet is also full of real human emotion and conflict (or SHOULD be). This group is for anyone who enjoys fantasy for this purpose, but also wishes for more fantasy of a deep nature--which, if you were to step in a puddle of it, would be more than ankle deep. Already written works of fantasy like this include The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the (I'm not sure if all the books are finished yet) The Prince of Nothing series. Feel free to discuss your purposes and messages that you wish to insert beneath the surface of your fantasy, and discuss fantasy writing in general: world-making, originality, how to avoid cliches (of which there are DOZENS nowadays), and how to make your characters seem real and evoke emotion from normal readers in a real world, even though your characters live in impossible worlds in fantastic circumstances. Also be encouraged to discuss wach other's fantasy and the message or theme you think it's trying to convey.

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