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my fantasy story

3 Years Ago

Following me my friend 
Here is it our story what i meant 
There is lot of hard steps 
To be take and to be done 
Over shadows and traps 
Each move can make harm 
If you do at wrong direction 
Floor can fall 
Walls can have spikes 
Fire can burn and water can flood our memories 
To desolate our destines 
Demons and evil 
Can tight us to the hate 
Misery can make pain 
Spin at the river can stop us 
All these traps together 
Can make system of faillure 
Light can went out 
And only what is left is hope 
And hope is not just word 
It s action and it s courage 
It s your heart and it s your bond 
It s your love and it s your batlle 
I am one who is coward 
But you are my wizard
You help me find my courage 
You help me rise my soul 
You help me and that s not all
Cause love can flow and love is your kiss
You gave me shield and gave me sword 
Beautiful horse with flames on the skin 
Gave me traning and preparing 
Make me naked at your hands 
Smoothly at your lips 
I am brave and i am heart 
There is battle and there is arm of you and me 
This gentle force make all us free 
Cause light have power truth and love 
Cause evil is not our mind 
Cause rain splash all the old and rotten history 
There will be lot of obstacles
Traps and dark smoke 
But never losting our hope 
Cause you are and i am the one rope 
Bond cannot be broken 
And sword is again at one piece 
There is no wounds 
Just you and me at peaceHeavy beasts with fire spits 
They gain lost and they gain end 
And they lords who cannot keep it words 
Who always telling lies 
And make sacrifice from us 
They will taste own blood 
From actions and from the lust 
Keep secrecy and never tell truth 
Hiding and lying 
And they story have ends too
But there will be no hapines 
But there will be no miracles 
But there will be no love 
Cause never was 
I cut down they pride 
Show them they cannot get with it 
They have to pay too
They kingdom will at ashes 
And slaves will be free 
Empty space and we gonna flew 
Out of the storyBut now still few batlles 
On me 
Brake the rules of supermacy numbers 
Brought prints of my past 
Get to my blood what is missing 
And not over yet 
Go to town of the dark soul 
Entrance to the gate and let them know 
You are women of my heart 
And rules will open the way 
And i get wings and get back to you 
On the horse to the land of yours 
And build magical castle 
At shape of two hearts 
Magic mystery garden 
With flowers and berries 
And chapel with the bell 
And brought rings 
With great magic spell
Knees for your fate 
And gathering souls