Fiction In A Flash


A challenge to be succinct. Can you paint a picture in just 55 words? Playing the weekly visual challenge here will help you hone your skills as a writer, and help break the back of writer's block. A new image will be posted for the challenge every Saturday.

The "rules" are few and very simple:

* Your entry will come due each Saturday, when a new picture will be posted.
* You may only write 55 words.
* Your entry must be fiction.
* You may not alter the picture in any way.
* Post your entry as a blog on your page, and then submit here either in the Writing section, or as a Reply in the Forum.
* Have fun! (Yes, it's a rule!)

To add posts, you may "Post Reply" to the picture on the FORUM section of the page, or "Submit" your entry as a separate post in the WRITING section of the page. To do the latter, you will need to create the post and publish it on your own page first, and then import it here.

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A Story by Teri B

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A Story by Teri B

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A Story by Teri B

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