Finish the story pass around


Wanna play a writing game?

(1) I will provide u with some story starters.

(2) Pick a story starter

(3) When its your turn,write 2 paragraphs or less.

(4) When you finish writing,send to me I'll put them in order.And

see how the story unfolds.

(5) If you want to write more after someone writes their part.

go back and write again,just be in the middle of 2 peoples parts.

(6) Dose not have to be perfect grammer or right punctuation.
Just get point across."Cuz I suck at it I only have ideas for poems"

(7) I'll update it every submission.

(8) When story ends I'll submit it to my writing and laugh about it.

I'll send all writers a note when I think the story needs to come to a slow stop ending.

(9) Make it funny,

(8) Join my finish story pass around game!!

(10) Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

any questions? send me a message.

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