Needs Reviewers!


s a new business, we need some reviewers to write reviews of 'first cars', as in affordable cars for first time buyers.

My website is mainly targeted at 17-25 year olds in the UK.

Each review needs pictures and about 500 words including the specification list. The review should include; the look, the price and running costs (i.e tax and fuel). Teens now days don't really need to know the handling or how it works...

So, if you are interested - there is a possibility for compensation when the site has enough clicks and therefore allowing for ads to be placed. If we get enough hits per month we can start to make serious money, so - if you are committed from the start, you might end up with a large reward.

Please get back to me at: [email protected]

Many thanks!


p.s, the website, if you would like to see it unfinished at the moment is at:

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