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Have you self published a book and are now ready to sell it? Even if you've published it in others ways, as long as the book is available on a website where buyers can hand over their money for a copy, I have something for you. I have created a bookstore that will display your book for FREE and provide a link to where it can be bought.

Cold Coffee is a quickly growing writers community that offers its members this no charge oppertunity. Membership is free. Once you've joined, Cold Coffee Books will be available to you. All that is required to have your book placed on the bookstore shelf is to submit a copy of: Your book's cover art, Blurbs, and a link to where it can be bought.

That's it. No gimmic. You join, you submit, and your book goes up for sale. Simple.

What do I get for promoting your book for free? I get you to promote my website. The more people that visit, the more oppertunity there will be for your book to be purchased.

Click the link and see what you think.


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