Friends Of Isabella Grace


This is a group for all the friends of Isabella Grace. Isabella Grace was known on here as Bella22

All you may or may not know, she passed away. She passed away in a car accident. That is all that I know.

She will be missed very much. She was a great and wonderful person to everyone. She will be missed by all.

But let her memory live on through us. Through our hearts. And through our writing. Let us let her spirit carry us higher and let her spirit give us the power to overcome what is impossible. Let her kind spirit fill you and make you write. Let her memory be that which carries your writing.

If any of us get published, be sure to mention Isabella Grace in your acknowledgements page. Let her spirit be in all our books. Let her name be in every book we get published. Let her spirit live on through our books, through poems, through short stories, through our non-fiction, through our articles, and through anything you will write. Let her name never be forgotten.

She was a great person. Let the world know her name through us.

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