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Group Group is the coolest group on the web.*

The purpose of Group Group is to save the internet from bad rip-off romances and Twilight fan-fiction. Just as soon as the mod starts actually doing something, that is.

Group Group is a literary Justice League of sorts. Only without the funny costumes. Actually, scratch that: costumes are cool. Just make sure that they meet our strict Group Group dress regulations.

Costumes must:
Not impair natural movement
Be able to be thrown on in under 10 seconds in a phone booth
Allow adequate exposure of the eyes. Holographic helmets are considered an exception, but must be configured to open in case of power loss.
Not cramp Group Group's style

All costumes are subject to approval by the moderator.

Please ensure that your naughty bits are covered.

Group Group is limited to fiction only; the moderator hates poems with a burning passion. Any fiction will do. The moderator is especially fond of sci-fi and fantasy, though.

Group Group's moderator reserves the right to act as quality control for works submitted. Don't worry, though! The mod isn't a nazi or anything; it's just that when your group claims that it's out to save the internet, you can't let quality slide.

Group Group also reserves the right to kick a*s.

*may not actually be the coolest group on the web.

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