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Description: Hudson Hornets, Pacemakers, Wasps, Terraplanes, Commanders, Commodores, Jets, Super 6, Super 12, Step-down, Essex, Phantom, Phaeton, Six-40, Hudson Eight, Commodore Eight, Dover, Coupé, Brougham, Hornet Club Coupé, Hornet Series 80, Hudson Nash, Hudson Rambler, Hudson Metropolitan owners and afficianados

The Hudson brand name was started in May 1909 and discontinued in June, 1957.

In 1925, Hudson was the third-largest carmaker in the U.S. after Ford Motor Co. and Chevrolet. It had factories in the U.S., Britain, and Belgium, and became known for both the handsomeness of its cars as well as the innovation of its engineers. Like many car companies it was ordered by the U.S. government to suspend the manufacture of cars for personal use and devote itself to the war effort. But by now it had slipped in size and lacked the funds of the Ford, GM, and Chrysler, and couldn�t make it on its own. In 1954 it merged with Nash-Kelvinator to form American Motors Cor

1909-1957, Historic

Hudson Commodore � Custom Brougham � Eight � Greater Eight � Hornet � Hudson Italia � Jet � Metropolitan � Pacemaker � Rambler � Super Six � Wasp

Corporate History Essex � Terraplane � American Motors � Dover Trucks

1954-1987 Historic vehicles

Rambler Ambassador by Rambler � American � Classic � Marlin � Rambler Six � Rambler Rebel

Military & Commercial AMC Mighty Mite � AM General Division

AMC Ambassador � AMX � AMX/3 . Concord � Eagle � Gremlin � Hornet � Javelin � Marlin � Matador � Metropolitan � Pacer � Rebel � Spirit

Renault LeCar � Alliance � Encore � Fuego � Medallion � Premier

Rambler & AMC concept cars XR-400 � Rambler Tarpon � AMC Cavalier � AMC AMX-GT � Amitron � Electron

Affiliated with American Motors Corporation � AM General � Australian Motor Industries � Chrysler � Hudson � IKA-Renault � Jeep � Kelvinator � Nash Motors � Nash-Kelvinator � Rambler � Renault � Vehiculos Automotores Mexicanos

People Roy Abernethy � Edmund E. Anderson � A.E. Barit � François Castaing � Roy D. Chapin Jr. � Richard E. Cross � Robert B. Evans � Roy Lunn � George W. Mason � Gerald C. Meyers � George W. Romney � Helene Rother � Richard A. Teague

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