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Work in progress

14 Years Ago

I just thought that we should have a thead were you can tell our fellow group members what type of work your working on. Just basics like title and basic outline (if it's a story) ::cool::

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14 Years Ago

first i wana thank you for making our first post. i was hoping we'd have more people before this but i guess it wasn't going to happen anytime soon...

well i'm in the middle of two novels

Chronicles of the Ender (fantasy)
about a boy named Aven that finds out he is the ender of his world and as a bonus he gets the power to send people to hell or heaven.

The Books of Grim (fantasy)
about a girl named Jin who gets abducted to have her soul controled by an incarnation of a warlock and is saved by death her self. now she must become the servant of death and help her death restore her powers. (just read... i suck with the outline stuff)

(not entirely sure that's mentally healthy)
and i'm woking on a series of short stories called WE ARE STRANGE!!!! (hope you liked the capitilization) which is about four people who are just flat out weird (and creepy{matters by what you call creepy})

so i'm thinking about setting a system like the Page masters, with a weekly challenge but i think thats a little bit too much of copying.

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14 Years Ago

I only have one work in progress

Blood sky: rise of a kingdom
The human race has gained knowlage over the years, knowlage is power and power is something to fight over. The human race seperated into several groups, those that want to use knowlage to better man kind and those that want to use it for destruction and war. After many years of conflict the human race destroyed Earth and were forced to make a new planet home. Several colony ships were luached befor the destruction of earth forming several new planets. The war still Rages on.....

^^ there you go thats basicaly a blog and if you want to see a part of it just look under my stories ^^