International Coalition of Manga Writers


Hello everyone.

Welcome to the International Coalition of Manga Writers. ICMW for short.

Here at the ICMW we are a community of inspiring writers that believe in the further development of human understanding.

Being a writer means to be a creator. Not just any creator. The kind of creator that brings about a new way of living for those around us. To that end we invite you to join us as we share our opinions, cultures, ideas, and friendship to make the world of tomorrow a better world for us all.

We welcome every writer who believes in their own potential. A writer that wants to be proud of accomplishing a written story more than just an idea floating in their head. As long as you have the determination, this is a safe haven for you and your works.

There is more to the ICMW than just writing however. The goal is to see our work just as much as it is to write it. Through various sites such as Deviant Art we will find your story an artist. An artist that understands and respects your crowning achievement you call a manga.

I leave you with one important quote that lead me to my own self inspiration and hopefully to yours...

"Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.
Of which mind are you?"

Rules and guidelines can be found here:

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